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Walter Weaver - Artist - By The Sea 
Influenced by the azure blue beauty of the Atlantic Ocean all his life, Walter Weaver, now retired, still uses the sea to inspire his art, as he now paints and creates art on the west coast of Florida. He continues to enjoy swimming and boating but now in the Gulf of Mexico. This closeness to Nature translates to his expressions on canvas, maybe by observing the shape of a heron’s neck 
or the movement in a pelican’s dive, or by studying the changing color of the surrounding marshland. 
In his early life, Walter was influenced by his mother and aunt, both artists themselves. In 1970, he graduated from Ringling School of Art, in Sarasota, Florida, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Besides studio art, he enjoys Plein Air, using a bright, tropical palette common in Florida. As he began traveling out to the Southwest he transitioned to a palette of reds for the earth and deep blues for the big sky, and where his paintings often included representative Native American symbolism. 
Walter describes his style as Impressionist with vibrant color. He likes to try new and different techniques to continually evolve and expand as an artist. He likes to take a few risks to be further inspired. His creativity involves learning the language of Nature, its magical qualities and connectivity to spiritual energy. He loves to see how that energy can positively affect others. He believes Nature is a spiritual experience that connects him to the greater principles of the Universe. He feels a reverence for Nature and uses that spiritual energy to affect others through his art. He is currently studying Timor Nagy of Slovakia and his emphasis on the emotional context of a landscape. He is also interested in Bato Dugarzhapov of Russia for [...]

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