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While at university I studied printmaking.  After Grad School, not having easy access to an etching press, I took up painting.  Over the years I have added two etching presses to the studio and several 4-color silk screen machines; I teach at the local college.  I now have etching, intaglio, relief and seriography facities for myself and my students but my love of painting now overshadows my love of printmaking.
Whereas printmaking was meticulous, exacting, methodical and process intensive; the imagery small, usually monochromatic and primarily narrative, I have found painting to be immediate, liberating and richly intuitive.   The immediacy of the creative act of painting, the freedom it allows me to explore color and light, location and time, to be in the moment; it is for me freedom and love and life.  
My most recent work is a visual record of light and color, of time and place.  Each was started and completed in a single session.
Charles Jason Smith is currently Department Chair for Humanities and Fine Arts at Carteret Community College.  Over the past 16 years as an instructor he has taught drawing, digital imaging, painting, intaglio and relief and Silkscreen printmaking, two and three dimensional design, Art History and Art Appreciation.  He received his BFA from East Carolina University and his MFA from the Univ. of Oregon at Eugene.
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