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As long as I can remember I have loved the outdoors, whether it was exploring the wooded area behind my grandparents’ home, backpacking throughout my youth, stuffing my 6’7” frame into a Hyundai to travel the western United States or meandering the backroads of Oklahoma. 
More recently my relationship with nature has been through that of a painter’s lens as I explore places, mood and atmosphere that speak to me. As a result of these experiences my watercolors have varied from urban scenes to construction sites to industrial areas to natural landscapes, both near and far, almost always en plein air.
Initially drawn to watercolor via architecture (exploring the work on my grandfather’s drawing board as a child as well as being exposed to inspiring renderings and historic documents throughout my professional career), I find the unpredictable and beautiful dispersion of color in water fascinating and the challenge to represent my observations with this medium invigorating. My hope is that by doing so I may help others find beauty in the world around us.
Over the past few years I have actively been pursuing my passion for watercolor, in the process developing a wonderful circle of like-minded people who have inspired and encouraged me. I sincerely hope that I may continue to be inspired by these persons, and others as yet unmet, as I improve along my path of being the best watercolor painter that I can be!
Jeff Williams is a retired professor of architecture from Oklahoma. He has won numerous major design competitions, including first prize in the coveted Paris Prize National Design Competition and honorable mention in the Van Alen International Design Competition, which provided opportunities to spend extensive time traveling throughout Europe, allowing him to experience diverse cultures and develop exceptional drawing skills.
Upon returning to the USA he practiced architecture [...]

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