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Vicki's formal art education began at Brigham Young University many years ago. Her love of painting and her love of storytelling kept her jumping back and forth between the Fine Art Department and the Illustration Department.
After graduation she worked as a graphic designer and illustrator. She also married and started a family. When her third child was born,she turned her creative gift to the "home arts". She has raised 6 children, all with overt creative tendencies...
In the year 2000, Vicki went back to school at a local community college to catch up on the digital world. She also attended classes at the Gage Academy in Seattle to gain more skill in drawing and painting. In 2003, she returned to illustration in the children's genre, illustrating books, stories and poetry for the educational market. During the illustration years, she began to feel a restless pressure to put down on canvas, what was now a growing list of images haunting her mind.  
After 32 years in the Seattle area, Vicki and her family now live in St. George Utah.

The  subject matter springs from both deep, inner convictions, or just the desire to tell a story. It is her intent to communicate in the very best way she knows how. Her hope is that it will be edifying to others.
Religious Prints  Two religious paintings, The Resurrection of Children and As I Sat Pondering  are offered through Cornerstoneart.com #mce_temp_url#  


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