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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.IsmailMahmood.com

  • Year Born: 1948

  • Try to always paint from life, use photograps only as references with your sketches.

  • No Photoshop, never used it, and will never use it!!!

  • Visit museums regulary, stand before paintings biger than 3x5 feets and clean your vision from magazine's prints!!

  • Price Range: $300.00 - $1,000.00

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The Artist Says:

I like and enjoy still life and Landscape Painting, but in my opinion figurative and portraiture are the core of representative art. Human Figure or portrait may be in landscape view, and includes still life objects. Human figure is the real challenge for the artist, it reflects his feelings and skills.      


   I was always fascinated by impressionism.  The quick strong brushstrokes which express the artist's emotions about what he sees. 
   I was born in Egypt Cairo,  and starting painting when I was very young.  Fortunately my cousin was an artist, who helped me to see and paint from life. I learned much from drawing statues in the Ancient Egyptian museum, but watercolor and oil were always my favorites for painting everyday subjects.
    As I found the need to support my self and my art,  I studied and worked as Computer programing. At the same time I joined  fine arts evening school.  Working with Egypt Air gave me opportunities to travel and visit museums in Europe.  
   I was fortunate again when immigrated to USA, and  worked  for American Airlines as computer programmer in Texas.   I joined all artist associations which I can reach, and attended every available art workshops.
   I completed the "North Light Art School" in October 1991, and "International Corresponding Schools - Master Art" in January 1994.  
   I enjoy direct painting from life. I paint landscapes at parks which have lakes on sunny days,  people in figure painting groups. My studio is still small which  capable only for still life.  
       As airline employee I traveled and spent much time in museums, here in the States and  in Europe.  Work of Masters  inspired  me to capture the essences of what I see, and form them in the quick strong brushstrokes.    I hope you enjoy my art works. 

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