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Bonnie White is an artist and a Spiritualist medium  Her art manifests Spirit and her mediumship allows Spirit to manifest in art.  Her life’s work melds these two activities and each nourishes the other in a unique and enduring way.
The seeds for developing these gifts were sown early in Bonnie’s life.  The awareness of the continuity of Spirit came to Bonnie as a child when she left her body at night and returned to see an Angel standing at the foot of her bed.  All life forms, especially flowers, were entities to her, and she spent many hours in communication with them.  Her experiences with art and Spirit came naturally in her family circle as her father was an artist and her mother, a poet.  Her father was also a healer who could take away pain from people, but he always made them promise to go see a medical professional as soon as possible.  Another early influence was Bonnie’s Aunt Clara, whose daughter and husband had passed and who shared many of her personal spiritual experiences with Bonnie.  For example, knowing nothing about electrical contracting, Clara was able to step into her husband’s business, bid jobs, and meet payrolls for the employees, because her deceased husband communicated specific information to her from the heaven world.
After she earned a B.A. degree in art and taught art in the public schools, Bonnie raised her family on Bonnie Brae Farm, a dairy farm in Western New York State.  Ever creative she turned the side of a baby crib into a loom and began weaving.  Soon she had a flock of sheep and four looms and was designing and weaving fashionable stoles and jackets from natural fibers.  Many of these creations have been around the world.  During this time she joined with a group of [...]

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