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"While I seek my truth I manipulate your reality"


Minnie Lippiatt was born and raised in the concrete jungle of East Los Angeles. Art was always a major love of this young child and she excelled in it as early as preschool, and all through her primary education extending into her art courses at Pasadena Community College. In 2002 she and her family moved to Loveland, Colorado where she continues her love of art. Minnie is drawn to a variety of subjects which she visualizes both awake and from dreams, incorporating those things that catch her imagination and allowing them to inspire her creativity for her paintings. While trees have always been a favorite subject for this artist from a concrete jungle (as she feels a connectedness to trees, sees nature's beauty in them all while noticing their similarities to people) it only makes sense that her newest passion surfaced when she discovered wood canvases a couple of years ago and fell in love with the process that allows her to find images given to her through the wood grain. She uses acrylic paints mixed with a flow aide medium to make the work translucent so that most of the wood grain show through. She then coats the work with a UV-protective coating. Wood canvases are recycled from pallets and other wood sources that do not harm healthy living trees. As an artist, it is her hope that her art will inspire both children and adults to have a positive outlook, regardless of their circumstances, and to see the beauty in life and find their own happiness within it.  More art can be seen at 

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