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"live like there will be no tomorrow, create art as if you will live forever" - RSVPalmer


I always  wanted to Paint Art (I even loved the smell of oil paint). My high school art teacher said, "with your talent you have great promise" and so the stage was set. After high school I served in Vietnam as a combat medic. I then worked for a Sculptor for Art School tuition but I fell in love working in metal, The rest is history! The next 20 years, I got married, built my Art Business, did jury Art Shows (Ann Arbor Art fair, Gold Coast in Chicago, ArtNewYork, las Olas, in Fla. to name a few). Developed Gallery connections, did corporate and private commissions Internationally.  After working in metal For 40 years w/ injuries, surgeries, etc.,  the next  years I sculpted in the plastic medium which is a much lighter duty. Then I Decided to go back to my first love, Fine Art Painting. I was a little 'rusty' but I had a Great responce from my (Sculpture) patrons, gallery owners, interior designers, etc. and with the advent of digital media techniques I was like a kid in a candy store. I'm developing a niche with my Digital Fine Art. I bought a high-end graphic workstation, 2 - 40" monitors and state of the 'ART' software - now I'm ready to continue my Art journey.
Thank you for viewing my Art Work and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do creating it.

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