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Constantly learning, endlessly changing, striving for higher quality, exercising creativity...
always determined and ever so slowly...progressing.


My life moments in art…
Art became my life’s desire at a very early age. I was determined to be an artist,
so when the time came to make adult choices, I chose to enter the world of
commercial art as an illustrator and designer. It was a good choice for me
as it led to a 3 0 year career in the business of creating for others. 
Upon retiring from my career, I picked up my brushes again to continue the 
 creative process, but this time it was to paint for the pure pleasure of
painting. I start my process by studying my subjects and knowing 
 them well. Telling their story on canvas or paper is a big, and
important, part of my creative process.
You will find both still life and landscape paintings in my portfolio.
Beauty guides my subject choices because I have always found
beauty everywhere, even in the simplest, or strangest, of things. 
But it’s the story behind the  beauty that guides me
through my painting process.
Art is still my life’s desire. 
 And, I still find beauty everywhere.
So I paint.


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