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Jack Morris, painter, along with his son Charles, are the owners of Third Coast Gallery. Jack has been a painter for all of his entire life, along with having been a practicing Architect over three decades. Jack started out as a watercolorist in the early sixties while a student at Texas A & M. His earlier watercolors were heavily influenced by the works of "Buck" Schiewtz and Joseph Donaldson. While he was working for an architectural firm in Kansas City in the mid sixties, he also worked for a studio that did architectural renderings of proposed projects. His specialty was the skies and the sky reflections in the exterior glass. He remained basically a watercolorist until he retired from the practice of architecture in the mid eighties. Watercolor gave him the ability to set aside a painting and revisit it when his schedule allowed. When he became a full time painter, he made the transition to egg tempera and eventually to his now chosen medium of oils.
Now, his work consists only of oil on canvas or linen, with occcasional graphite drawings. Many of Jack's paintings have been strongly influenced by his many trips to New Orleans during the 70's, 80,s and 90,s. There he found the rich subject matter of the colorful nightlife in the French Quarter. From the street performers, to the restaurants and bars, Cafe Du Monde, Preservation Hall and other vibrant night time activities, Jack has been able to capture the ambiance of those venues. He likes to think of his paintings as "narratives", in that there is a story in each and every one of his canvases.
However, his beloved Galveston was never overlooked. From the activity in the harbor, the Mosquito Fleet at Pier 19, the historic homes and churches, the Mardi Gras Arches, downtown historical Galveston, along with the [...]

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