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I'm Len Cicio, an architectural and landscape draftsman, who works in colored pencils, pen & ink, oil pastels and wax art bars.  I enjoy taking the reality of this world and creating a perfect one, where all colors and forms are heightened to the senses.   Looking back,  my love of fantasy and sy-fy movies as a kid was a strong influence.   My subway drawings have a futuristic sy-fy flavor with colors and patterns that move, as if you were taking a ride on them.
I never imagined  working for 19 years as a textile designer,  would transcend into my subway drawings with geometric patterns making the subway come alive in rich vibrant colors.  The subway is my main means of getting to work everyday in NYC, from where I live in Northern Manhattan.  It's a gritty world I go to every morning with cold steel structures and long eternal passageways that come to life when sunlight strikes them giving off purples, reds, blues and browns that are always changing.  The forms I see coming out are gothic, art deco, impressionistic, abstract and surreal images to me. 
My landscapes are inspired from the last natural forest in Manhattan at Inwood Park, where I live and experience nature that is raw, powerful and in its natural state of being.  For my fellow commuters, I want them to see beyond the cold, steel structures, the powerful beauty lying underneath.  A place that not only connects them to their jobs, but family, friends and places that they love.  I want to pull you into the Henry Hudson Bridge and down that long winding path in Inwood Park. 
My intention and hope, is that you will experience a heavenly city on this plain.  A place that you've visited in your dreams and that always calls you home.  You can find my prints and my own individual [...]

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