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Artist Statement I am doing what I love! My work is the product of inspiration, there is the thrill and challenge to start painting and express my own personal vision... that is the joy of being an artist! If I can pass on my feeling at the time of painting, I think I have created a successful painting. I like to share a way of seeing and feeling.   About the Work : My work is contemporary realisim and I paint predominantly in oils.  Painting from life is my preference,  though not always possible, I use sketches and photos for reference and don't always try to recreate a specific place when painting  landscapes. I enjoy experimenting with different color combinations to suit whatever I am painting. I want to communicate what is felt rather than seen. By cropping in for a closer view, using color and enhancing the subtle nuances revealed by light, I can create my vision of the subject. Simplicity is my goal. Whatever I am painting the emotional connection is essential. My work reflects my personality and one of the most rewarding aspects for me as an artist is to have people feel positive and inspired in some way after viewing my work. [...]

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