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  • FASO Artist Website: http://savagepainter.com

  • Year Born: 1979

  • Representational oil paintings about contemplation and connection

  • Kirsten Savage is an avid world traveler and experienced mountaineer living in Colorado

  • Represented by Abend Gallery in Denver, Colorado

  • Price Range: $400.00 - $8,000.00

The Artist Says:

“Where do you get your ideas?” It is an interesting question that I am often asked. I am passionate about protecting our environment, creating transformative social change, and upholding civil rights for all. I am inspired by weird dreams, literature, art history, current events, personal stories of connection, and the diversity of experience only obtained through travel and getting into nature. All of this eventually makes its way onto the easel. 

Collectors Say:

GIRL! I ADORE the thought you put into your work (and life) AND share with us! - the symbolism you capture, ETC. There are just no words so I won't ramble (too much). I just admire the place you create your art from. You are the epitome of an authentic, and beautiful (in and out) creator.  I cherish, cherish, cherish my pink rose that was born out of your brush and body and spirit and soul!!!! I even remember the care you took to wrap it for me to receive...wow!  Bless you for the gift you are in this world, you amazing thing!


Other Artists Say:

Kirsten Savage is painting stories with light.Primarily bottling strokes of light for her conceptual and figurative work, Kirsten Savage has painted the whole spectrum of subject matter – from still life to landscapes to portraiture. But, where multitudes of artists before her have found their accomplishment in stationary life, Savage has managed to explicitly play with the idea of story; to adeptly create motion, and fluid life, on her canvases.Her tales are as expressive as the human form and as personal as her journey has been. An east coast transplant, Savage makes her living as a painter and educator in Fort Collins. Having worked as an illustrator after art school, Savage learned to enjoy working as she does now – from a starting point and concept to the fleshing-out and the grand creation of turning a story into a visual interpretation. However, after years of this work and Savage decided to make a change in her life; to begin telling her own story.Life is oftentimes amorphous and human beings are meaning making machines that strive to connect dots, locate outliers and categorically enhance their lives by neatly pocketing lives. However, just as Savage’s work illustrates – life is not always that neat. Life is not always simple. And while, removed and broadcasting in hindsight, life’s light may be the only definition that you will. The kind of definition that is only fluid; washy bands of interpretation and emotion.Light is a waveform. Light is particles. Light is not always visible.If we wish to anthropomorphize light in an effort to understand what really illuminates us, we could do so by investigating human emotion: longing, need, desperation, courage, loss, love, redemption. If you look into the world that Kirsten Savage is painting, you will see all of these emotions. And then, you will see the light. 
— Jonathan Bitz, Denver Syntax Magazine


Kirsten Savage is one of Colorado’s top representational artists. As an avid world traveler and experienced mountaineer, Kirsten spends her time seeking out beautiful spaces where the silence is deafening and the big open skies humble us. 
Kirsten Savage’s oil paintings are about contemplation and connection.  In her figurative works, she purposefully leaves some mystery and intrigue in the narrative to inspire critical thinking and personal reflection. Her landscapes and other subject matter are a gift of quiet observation.  Ultimately, each creation is an invitation for the viewer to really open our eyes and see.
Kirsten exhibits in art shows and fine art festivals across the United States and her artwork is in private and corporate collections around the world. She is currently represented by:
Abend Gallery 1261 Delaware St, Suite 2 | Denver, CO | 80204 303.355.0950 Hours: Tuesday -Saturday by appointment only AbendGallery.com

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