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The cards were stacked for me at birth. Both parents were highly educated. Both were artists, my mother a painter and decorator, and my father, an architect. Both were musicians. From a childhood steeped in music and the arts, I went off to college and was absolutely stunned when I attended my first art history class. That was IT for me, and I spent the next four years pursuing that degree.  Alas, jobs are hard to find in that field.
When my oldest daughter was attending kindergarten I was asked to substitute teach in her school. Once again. I was stunned to learn that I loved teaching, and it followed that I spent the next 30 years teaching students with special needs.I always knew that I would paint one day. I took lessons in my teenage years in oils from Mildred White. I took some studio classes at college, but it wasn’t until many years later that I was able to take my first watercolor class under the amazing artist and my friend Mimi (Amelia) Whaley. I was hooked. She later referred me to another friend and amazing art teacher, Mary Gilkerson, who challenged me to a daily painting exercise for 30 days- only I didn’t stop. I hope you enjoy my obsession and perhaps can see an evolution of what happens with practice. Thank you for visiting! ‘rie

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