Artist Website Templates by FASO


Inspired by Deborah Tilby, this template embodies the essence of professionalism, beauty, and style.

Preview Tilby


Featuring a set of scrolling rows and a bold color palette, Sorolla's design makes your artwork flow right into collectors' hearts.

Preview Sorolla


Sargent boasts a minimalist design with an intent to keep the focus on your masterful works of art.

Preview Sargent


Putting your artwork first and foremost is the motivation behind this modern and minimalist site style.

Preview Loft


Levenson captures the spirit of your artwork and encourages viewers to engage with the emotional stories your art tells. Master artist Shana Levenson is the inspiration for this template.

Preview Levenson


Working with Timothy Tyler on his handcrafted site inspired this bold design with a graduated pop of color.

Preview Tyler


Yishu was inspired by our close work with master artist, Fongwei Liu. It's the perfect balance of beauty and function to professionally showcase your art.

Preview Yishu


This template brings a mix of delicate and daring characteristics designed specifically with your art in mind.

Preview Zorn


Bearing a strong geometric influence, Josef is an excursion into bold yet crisp visual blocks and a clean modern look.

Preview Josef


It's easy to see premier artist Jeremy Lipking's highly nuanced artistic vision in his namesake template. With a simple yet elegant look, your art will be the masterpiece of this design.

Preview Jeremy


With large visuals and a vintage style font, Norman infuses a touch of modern into a classic design style ideal for your artwork.

Preview Norman


In Wyeth you'll find the essence of Signature Artist, Brienne Brown. With an airy, elegant aura this template boasts exceptional design and simplicity.

Preview Wyeth


The pursuit of the perfect balance between dreams and design culminates in a Jennifer McChristian inspired template called Redmond.

Preview Redmond


In a masterful blend of classic and contemporary, the design of Diego is sure to display your art at its best. Diego was inspired by Signature Artist, Aaron Westerberg.

Preview Diego


Strong, smart displays of color along with a straightforward, uncomplicated design makes Sierra the perfect template to show your art. Kathleen Dunphy was the inspiration behind this style.

Preview Sierra


A keen eye will notice the strong horizontal lines of Chelsea along with a nod to basic symmetry. Chelsea is the perfect backdrop for your masterpiece.

Preview Chelsea


Sacran features subtle, yet beautiful design features inspired by the masterful work of award winning artist, Jason Sacran.

Preview Sacran


Designed with a candid, forthright style, Williamsburg is an amazing template for those artists who create without fear.

Preview Williamsburg


Enso's design speaks of a major influence from Master Artist, Keiko Tanabe's timeless style.

Preview Enso

Artfully Avant

Artfully Avant is a beautiful, simple design featuring a pop out menu to maintain that clean, uncluttered look for your site.

Preview Artfully Avant

Luminous Links

If you're looking for a solid yet easy going feel for your site, Luminous Links is what you're looking for.

Preview Luminous Links

Seattle Sleekness

Borrowing from David Cheifetz's signature style, Seattle Sleekness is a gorgeous time honored design paired with a modern feel.

Preview Seattle Sleekness


Like the art of Tibor Nagy, Eurostyle beautifully infuses strong design elements with a decidedly delicate appearance to create the perfect look.

Preview Eurostyle

Modern Momentum

Modern Momentum is a powerful, bold template inspired by Zac Elletson's handcrafted site.

Preview Modern Momentum