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Marketing Help - The FASO Difference

If you want to market your art, Clint Watson (who personally sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of art in his gallery days) is the guy who can teach how to do it.


FineArtViews is a free daily e-newsletter by Clint Watson, former owner of a national art gallery and current provider of easy artist websites and marketing help through FineArtStudioOnline. FineArtViews provides an eclectic combination of articles about all things art. From creativity and success tips to artist reviews and marketing ideas that really work, to real, practical idea that sell art . . . there's something for all artists.

"We have always tried to incorporate your ideas about adding substantive content on our web site and blog. Recently we sold a $3,000 painting because we had followed your advice. A collector was "Googling" a name that had special significance to him and discovered one of my paintings, whose title happened to include the same name. Because I had visited and painted a place by that name, I was able to sell my painting to this gentleman. This supports your idea that content rather than images attracts more search engine traffic. Thanks for your helpful marketing advice." Artist Tommy Thompson

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