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FASO: Inspiration Through Art

Our Mission

To inspire the world's artists, collectors and art lovers by connecting them with each other and with great art.


FASO was founded by Clint Watson as a weekend project to support artists he knew from his art gallery.


Thousands of artists, collectors and art lovers connect daily on the FASO platform.


Since 2001, over 2 million images of beautiful artwork have been uploaded and enjoyed via the FASO platform.

Oil Painting by our first customer, artist Kevin Macpherson (which currently hangs in our office!)

Our Story

FASO started as a side project in 2001. Founder, Clint Watson owned an art gallery and knew many artists who were dissatisfied and frustrated with existing solutions for creating websites to show their artwork. So he made them something satisfying and empowering and inspired many artists to share their art with the world.

FASO was so satisfying to our customers' needs that we've been profitable from day one. No loans, no credit card debt, no investors. We love seeing businesses start small, fund themselves with paying projects, and so that's how we run FASO. We only answer to ourselves and to you, our customers.

Since we don't have to spend time on fundraising, we spend our time improving FASO and listening to the artists who use it.

FASO is made up of a dozen artists, art lovers, and creatives. We're all working hard daily to lovingly craft the products you'll love to use.