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Save $100 on an Ad in Artist Advocate Magazine and Get a Free FASO Website

by Clint Watson on 1/7/2009 3:33:54 PM

FineArtStudioOnline (our sister service) is pleased to announce a new advertising opportunity for artists.  Place your ad in the spring issue of Artist Advocate Magazine at our special FineArtStudioOnline Rate and receive one year of web hosting from FineArtStudioOnline at no additional charge. That’s right no charge.

We've arranged special rates for you on FULL PAGE advertisements in Artist Advocate.  These are great rates in a great magazine that reaches over 6,500 art gallery directors. 

In addition, anyone who books an ad through this special offer will also get ONE YEAR of web hosting at FineArtStudioOnline.  No strings attached.  If you take advantage of this special ad rate by becoming a new FineArtStudioOnline customer, your first year will be free. If you already are a FineArtStudioOnline customer, then we'll credit your existing account for your next year of service.

Don't pass up this opportunity to promote your work.  The art world is small and the success of your online promotional efforts will depend a great deal on your offline marketing efforts. Your Artist Advocate Magazine Ad includes a digital edition that will link your ad directly to your website. This is a complete turn-key opportunity at a fraction of the cost! 

Please read the details below, we have outlined the costs, deadlines and timelines for you. 
The ad will appear in Artist Advocate Magazine. 
The price is $1,099 (Includes production)

Order and payment deadline is February 2, 2009

Copy deadline is February 5th, 2009 
The normal rate for a full page in Artist Advocate is $1,199.  Artist Advocate and FineArtStudioOnline have teamed up to offer a special rate of $1,099 if you are (or become) a FineArtStudioOnline member.   
If you wish to participate, please let me know by emailing me at clint [at] fineartviews [dot] com as soon as possible.   
Jan 30 – Deadline for notice of participation 
Feb 2 – Payment for ad will be charged to your FASO account. 
Feb 5 – Deadline for ad materials to be sent to Artist Advocate 
to learn more about Artist Advocate: 
If you want to participate, email us at:  

clint [at] fineartviews [dot] com
Once I get your email, I'll provide you with further instructions.


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Linda Simpson
via web
It's "Who" want to change the world... Sorry Clint, I'm pretty sure about this.

Nicole Hyde
via web
Thanks for offering this, Clint. I'll mull it over.

Clint Watson
via web
Test comment

Clint Watson
via web
Another test 2

Clint Watson
via web
Test at 10:37


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