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Thomas W Schaller - unique sense of perspective

by Informed Collector on 1/4/2012 9:10:40 AM

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Informed Collector Recommends:
Thomas W Schaller

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

His unique sense of perspective plus his refined use of light and attention to detail make his work distinctive and dramatic.

granville street bridge - vancouver by Thomas W Schaller (shown below) was awarded Second Place in the November 2011 BoldBrush Painting Competition.
Thomas W Schaller - Canvoo Focal Point

 Focal Point: Thomas W Schaller
Visit Thomas W Schaller's Canvoo Focal Point on the web

An example of fine art by Thomas W Schaller
Photo of Thomas W Schaller

His unique sense of perspective plus his refined use of light and attention to detail make his work distinctive and dramatic.

- Informed Collector

Quick Facts about Thomas W Schaller:

* Main Website:

Artworks by Thomas W Schaller:

See More Artworks >>

The Artist Says:

My interests in fine art and in architecture grew simultaneously throughout my life. Eventually, I have come to see that they are one and the same. But as much or more than any real world structure, the images of architecture - the stories it has to tell - are what truly fascinate me.

What buildings and the cityscapes of the world have to tell us about who we are as people; how we view our lives: past, present and future, our relationship to our natural environment and other creatures, as well as to our fellow humans, make endlessly compelling narratives. These are the stories I try to tell in my paintings.

Other Web Pages with info about Thomas W Schaller

Thomas W Schaller's Main Artist Website

01. thomas w schaller : blog

02. thomas w schaller : facebook

Art Galleries Representing Thomas W Schaller

link gallery
cheyenne, wy - 307.778.0330






Following a 20-year career in New York City as an architect and architectural artist, Tom Schaller is now based in Venice, California where he devotes himself full-time to artwork in the watercolor medium.

He has long been considered one of the foremost architectural artists in the world. In the field, he has won every major award for his artwork - including being a two-time recipient of the Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize. He has authored two books ; the best-selling, and AIA award of merit winner, Architecture in Watercolor, and The Art of Architectural Drawing. He has lectured widely, and hosts many watercolor workshops. His artwork is collected and exhibited around the world and he is in great demand internationally as a watercolor workshop instructor.

Recently, his watercolors have been recognized in the upcoming Spash 13 by North Light Books 2011, a major feature article and the cover image for the Oct./Nov. 2011 issue of "International Artist" magazine, an upcoming feature article in "Watercolor Artist" magazine, a feature article in the April 2010 "American Artist" magazine, a finalist in "The Artist's Magazine" 28th Annual Art Competition Issue (Dec. 2011); a winner in "Southwest Art" Magazine's Artistic Excellence Competition (Dec 2011) and have been showcased several times in "American Art Collector" magazine. He won Honorable Mention in the Watermedia Showcase Competition (Feb.2012) a feature article in Holland's "Palet" magazine (Sept.2011) and is the featured artwork on the cover of the December 2010 "Watercolor Artist" magazine's "One's to Watch" issue. His work is represented by the RS Hanna Gallery, Fredericksburg; the Sharp Gallery, Seattle; the Universal Art Gallery, and the Carter-Sexton Gallery in Los Angeles which hosted a one-man show of his watercolors in 2011.

Mr. Schaller's artwork has been selected to be included in a number of prestigious recent exhibitions including, The Zhujiajiao International Watercolor Biennial in Shanghai, The International Watercolor Biennial Mexico in Mexico City, The 143rd Annual Exhibition of the American Watercolor Society in New York City, II Bienal Iberoamericana de la Acuarela in Madrid (Best of Show/Award of Excellence), Salon de L'Aquarelle du Haillan in France; a winner in both the Northwest Watercolor Society's 71st Annual and Waterworks Exhibitions, a Best of Show/Award of Excellence "Golden State Treasures" California Art Club; Premier Exhibit in America (Washington D.C. January 2012) of the North American Watercolor Artists; and was a Grand Jury Prize Winner in the 2010 National Paint the Parks Competition.

Mr. Schaller is a member of many professional organizations including The American Watercolor Society, The National Watercolor Society, The Northwest Watercolor Society, The San Diego Watercolor Society, The California Watercolor Association, the California Art Club, the American Society of Architectural Perspectivists, The New York Society of Renderers, and is a founding member of the group; North American Watercolor Artists.

Recent Exhibitions and Honors:

2011: "Second Place Award" ; November 2011 Boldbrush Painting Competition by Fine Art Views

"Granville Street Bridge-Vancouver" Juror - Brian Slawson

2011: "Honor Award"; Winter 6X6 Exhibit; Higbee Gallery: Costa Mesa, CA

" Greet Street One"

2011: "Juror's Merit Award" Waterworks 2011 ; Exhibition by the Northwest Watercolor Society;

"Italian Morning" Juror - John Salminen

2011: Asian Influences; -Poster Image ; California Art Club ;Pacific Asian Museum; Pasadena, CA

"Horyjuri Temple - Nara"

2011: Award of Excellence; - Poster Image ;Bienal Ibero-Americana De La Acuarela; Madrid, Spain

"Piazza del Campo - Siena"

2011: One of 13 Winners - Artistic Excellence Competition; Southwest Art Magazine; Dec. 2011

"Manhattan Beach Pier"

2011: Honorable Mention - Watermedia Showcase Competition; Watercolor Artist Magazine Feb. 2012

"Ponte Fabricius—Rome"

2011: Finalist- 28th Annual Art Competition ; The Artist's Magazine; Dec. 2011

"Manhattan Beach Pier"

2011: "The Architecture of Light: 26 Watercolors by Thomas Schaller" Carter-Sexton Gallery; Los Angeles, CA

One Man Show

2011: 31st Annual International Exhibition: San Diego Watercolor Society; San Diego, CA

"Lake-Central Park"

2011: Fresh Air - California Landscapes: California Art Club: Fremont Gallery; Pasadena, CA

" Shadows of the San Jacinto"

2011: 71st Annual Exhibition - Third Place Winner: Northwest Watercolor Society: Bellvue, Washington

" Royal Crescent - Bath"

2011: Less is More - Second Place Winner; Laguna Plein Air Painters Exhibition; Laguna, California

" Greek Street - Sifnos"

2011: Tell Us a Story; Exhibition: Segil Fine Art Gallery; Monrovia, California

"The Cellist - Bethesda Terrace" "Man and Beast"

2011: "Honor Award"; Spring 6X6 Exhibit; Higbee Gallery: Costa Mesa, CA

"Venice Afternoon - 2"

2011: Salon de L'Aquarelle du Haillan: Le Haillan, France

" Winter-Central Park"

2011: Artists Painting Artists; Windsor Whip Works Gallery; Windsor. New York

"JZ in Vancouver"

2010: Zhijiajiao International Watercolour Biennial; Shanghai, China

" Charles Bridge - Prague"
2010: 143 Annual International Exhibition : American Watercolor Society, New York, NY

"Madison Square Park - NYC"
2010: Karen Vance Juror's Award, and Top 100 Award Winner,
Paint the Parks National Competition and Traveling Exhibition; Two Year United States Touring Exhibition

"Great Hall Ellis Island"

2010: Award of Excellence - Best in Show; Golden State Treasures; Juried Competition; California Art Club; Pasadena, CA

"Manhattan Beach Pier" and "After the Storm - Venice Beach"
2010: IXth Annual International Watercolor Biennial: Mexico City North American Watercolor Artists

"Early Morning ;West 71st"
2010: People's Choice Award;41st National Exhibition: California Watercolor Association: Walnut Creek, CA

"Bow Bridge - Central Park"

2010: 30th Annual International Exhibition: San Diego Watercolor Society; San Diego, CA

"Ten Miles to Go"
2010: Exposición 2do Encuentro Acuarelistas Hispano-Americanos; Guayaquil, Equador; Invitational Exhibition

"Ideal Roman Stage Set"

2010: Outstanding Achievement Award: "Excellence in Art and Sport" Exhibit; The National Art Museum of Sport: Indianapolis, IN

" The Starting Line"

2010: Richeson 75: Landscape, Seascape & Architectural Exhibition; Juried Competition and Exhibition: Kimberly, WI

" The Boathouse; Prospect Park " " The Dairy - Central Park"

2010: Magnificent Miniatures; Juried Competition; California Art Club; Pasadena, CA

"Italian Street Scene"

2010: Surf's Up: Paintings of the California Coastline ; Juried Competition; California Art Club: Pasadena, CA

"Lifeguard Station - Hermosa Beach"
2010: "Nomades del Arte": Juried Competition and Traveling Exhibition of Plein-Air Paintings: Southwest Gallery, Dallas

"Louise - Bryce Canyon"
2010: Watercolor Award of Merit; First Annual Face Book Painting Competition; Buck's County Gallery of Fine Art; New Hope, PA

"Lincoln Blvd."

2010: Honorable Mention Award: 6X6 Exhibit: Higbee Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA

"Sailboat Pond- Central Park"
2010: Outstanding Watercolor; June 2010: BoldBrush Painting Competiton by Fine Arts View

"Great Hall-Ellis Island"
2010: Group Exhibition, "Diverse Expressions": Universal Art Gallery, Venice, CA
2010: One Man Exhibition, Exhibit [A] Gallery, Long Beach, CA
2010: Group Exhibition: New York Society of Architectural Renderers; New York, NY

2010: Art vs. Oil Spill: Exhibition and Auction; Baton Rouge, CA


2009: "California Landscapes and Legacy"- Juried Competition and Exhibition; California Art Club: Pasadena, CA - Centennial Exhibit at the Bennington Center for the Arts, Bennington, VT
2009: Group Exhibition, Carter-Sexton Gallery; Los Angeles, CA
2009: "Richeson 75: Landscape, Seascape & Architectural Exhibition"; Juried Competition and Exhibition: Kimberly, WI
2009: "Eternal Light" – Juried Competition and Exhibition ; California Art Club; Pasadena, CA

2003: "Hand-Drawn Worlds": Group Exhibition; Aedes Gallery, Berlin
2000: Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize Winner; "Architecture in Perspective
Exhibition 15"; Kansas City ; The American Society of Architectural Illustrators

"1000 Wilshire Blvd."
1988: Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize Winner; "Architecture in Perspective
Exhibition 3"; Los Angeles, CA; The American Society of Architectural Illustrators

"Performing Arts Center - Rome"
2001: Solo Exhibition: Mid-Career Retrospective; Graham Foundation; Chicago, Il

Recently In Print:

International Artist Magazine: Feature Article amd Cover Image - October/Novenber 2011 Issue

Splash 13: The Best in Watercolor: 4 Images ; North Light Books: 2011

Southwest Art Magazine: "Winner" for "Manhattan Beach Pier" - Artistic Excellence Competition;Dec. 2011

Watercolor Artist Magazine: Honorable Mention:Watermedia Showcase Competition; "Ponte Fabricius—Rome"; Feb. 2012

The Artist's Magazine: Finalist - for "Manhattan Beach Pier" - 28th Annual Art Competition: Dec. 2011

Palet Magazine: Holland ; Feature Article; August /September 2011

Watercolor Artist Magazine : Dec 2010; Cover Art and Feature ; "Ones to Watch" Issue

American Artist Magazine : "Watercolors as Drawings Brought to Life" June 2010; Feature Article; SteveDoherty; Feb. 2010 ve.html

Artist Daily: "Watercolors by Architects" ; Steve Doherty Jan. 2010 ors-by-architects.aspx

Artist Daily: "Who Needs a Passport When You Have a Painting?"; C. Jordan Nov. 2010 s-a-passport-when-you-ve-got-a-painting.aspx

American Art Collector Magazine: "Artist Focus - Transparency"; June 2010: article or.html

Informed Collector: Fine Art Views: June 2010 ve-plus-a-refined-use-of-light

American Art Collector Magazine: "Landscape Journeys" April 2010 w/s1600-h/AAC-April%3B2010.jpg

American Art Collector Magazine: "Artist Focus" Aug. 2010: Article 0-07%3A00&max-results=7

Artist Daily: "Six American Artists Represent the U.S. in the 9th International Watercolor Biennial in Mexico"; Nov. 2010 Courtney Jordan ican-artists-represent-the-u-s-in-the-9th-international-watercolor-bienn ial-in-mexico.aspx

American Art Collector Magazine: Sept. 2009 Article; John O'Hern


Books that Thomas W Schaller Recommends:

Architecture in Watercolor: 1st Edition by Thomas Wells Schaller

Architecture in Watercolor: 2nd Edition by Thomas Wells Schaller

The Art of Architecture Drawing: Imagination and Technique by Thomas Wells Schaller

Search for more books related to Thomas W Schaller >>

Other Web Pages Thomas W Schaller Recommends
(These pages are not necessarily about Thomas W Schaller)

03. thomas w schaller : web

04. american watercolor society

05. national watercolor society

06. the california art club

07. california watercolor association

08. san diego watercolor society

09. carter-sexton gallery - los angeles

10. link gallery - wyoming

11. universal art gallery - venice, ca

12. gallery lingard - london

13. fine art studio online

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