Forum Friday: Discussions from the BrushBuzz art forum 12-16-11

Each Friday we at FineArtViews point to a few discussions on the BrushBuzz art forum that we feel are of interest to the FASO community. The BrushBuzz art forum is a great place to receive feedback about art marketing ideas and strategy. Visit the BrushBuzz art forum today and share your thoughts.

Brian Sherwin asked, "Do you have any Christmas gift ideas for the artists on your list? Any suggestions?" What do you think would make a good gift for the artist in your life? Feel free to answer here or on the BrushBuzz art forum thread for this discussion. Denise Dorman offered a book suggestion as a gift -- what gift suggestions do you have?

Brian Sherwin also asked, "How has the economy shaped your art marketing strategy?" Tell us how you have adapted your art marketing strategy based on the impact of the economy. Feel free to comment here or on the BrushBuzz art forum discussion thread. Lori Woodward offered her thoughts on the discussion thread, stating, "I've decided that rather than make my prices lower and lower, I'll cultivate two levels of collectors.". To read more of Woodward's opinion on this question visit the forum.

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1 Response to Forum Friday: Discussions from the BrushBuzz art forum 12-16-11

With my children grown now, we have a new policy in place: Don't waste your time, effort and money worrying about buying gifts for others. Buy what you most want for yourself and spend your entire Christmas budget on it. Then, we'll all get together and share what we bought and why we wanted it, telling funny stories and making new family folklore. Everyone always has the right size, the right color and the perfect gift at the right price. This year I bought Kolinsky sables and I am sure the fact that good ol' uber frugal mom blew $50 on a single brush will blow my children's minds. By focusing on family time and letting each of us buy our own, we have learned volumes about one another.

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