Forum Friday: Discussions from the Brushbuzz art forum 11-25-11

Each Friday we at FineArtViews select a few BrushBuzz art forum topics that we feel are of interest to the overall FASO community. The selected art forum questions for this week deal with topics about juried competitions, the spirit of Thanksgiving and the good and bad of joining numerous art focused websites.

Phillip Fain is curious to know if there is "such a thing as over exposure" when it comes to joining websites that focus on selling art. Are there any downsides of being a member of do dozens of art websites? Visit the forum to read more about his question. At the time of this writing Gayle Faucette Wisbon and Alma Jo Drain have offered their thoughts within the comment thread.

Victor Schiro asked for opinions on the following topic -- should an artist thank a juror for selecting his or her art as a winning piece? In other words, Victor is interested in knowing if there are unwritten rules about thanking a juror or not. For the full question visit the forum. Feel free to offer your thoughts here as well.

Brian Sherwin recently asked, "As an artist -- what are you thankful for?". His question received responses from Amy Evans, Dot Courson and Lynne Hurd Bryant -- among other artists. To read further details about the question and comments visit the discussion thread. Feel free to respond to this question here or on the forum itself.

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