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Don't Miss the Trees for the Forest

by Clint Watson on 8/26/2011 11:31:18 AM

This article is by Clint Watson,  former art gallery owner/director/salesperson and founder of FineArtViews. You should follow Clint on Twitter here.




We're all so busy trying to look past the trees so that we can see the forest, that we're ignoring some pretty important trees.


Here are most people's web "forest" strategies:  "Driving Traffic", Search Engine Keywords, "Branding", and Social Media "strategies." 


The danger, for artists, is these strategies put us in the middle of a forest of maples when what we need is one big oak tree.


Selling art is not a numbers game.  It's a demographics game.


Here's what I mean:  find one person: the right person.  Share your art with that person...and you'll enrich his life.  When you enrich the right people's lives, they purchase.


Who wants your art more than anyone else?   The people who already own it.


Who else?  People who have asked about it.  People who have signed up for your email newsletter.  People who were referred by people who own your work.  People who saw your work in a friend's house.  People who your artist friends recommended take a look at your art.


Unfortuately, these people often get ignored while we pursue the "strategies" I listed above.


Case in point:  I'm an oak tree.  I must be on hundreds of artists' email lists, some whose work I own, some whose work I'd like to own.  I almost NEVER get a newsletter or update from any of them. 


I guess they're too busy looking for the forest.


Sharing Art Enriches Life. Rock on.




Clint Watson

FASO Founder, Software Craftsman, Art Fanatic


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Topics: art appreciation | art collectors | art marketing | Clint Watson | FineArtViews | sell art | selling art online | selling fine art online 

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Clint, thanks for the gentle reminder to send out that newsletter! As always, you are inspiring, insightful, and informative.

Brennen McElhaney
I know, I know. Clint, you are so right. Thanks for the reality-check.

Marsha Hamby Savage
Thanks, very thoughtful words .... and a good kick in the pants to remember those important people. I totally agree with you.

It is funny that you posted this article. I have been getting a newsletter ready to send out ... only tweaking a couple of things that don't seem to want to be corrected in the text!

Ruth Soller
Clint, Great post! I am taking this as your invitation to send you my monthly newsletter.

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors
I never thought art would be a popularity contest; but that is what it is. I spend a lot of time on a women's sports forum, and guess what, more than 1/2 my sales in the last 2 years have been from these women (who I have never met in real life) but who know me through our sports. There are a few women there that I do not see eye to eye with, and guess what, they never buy. A few of these women are actually collecting my stuff.
I kind of wish I was on SEVERAL forums :-) because then I would have more customers.
So when I go to an art fair and don't sell a single thing, I wonder if I would have been better off just to post something else on my sports forum, because every time I do that, a link to my blog appears.

JT Harding
Thanks Clint,
I invite you to join my email subscribers at

I send it out regularly once a month.

kohlene hendrickson
Point well taken Clint and you are the tops. I just had 4 pieces chosen by my ultimate gallerist for his booth at MAG-Montreux Art Galleries Salon. Its the end of November and far away in Switzerland, but who knows? If you travel to europe it is my greatest pleasure to invite you!!

George De Chiara
I've noticed the same thing with newsletters. I've subscribe to a few that have never sent a thing or send them out once or twice a year. When I do get one I almost always have the same reaction, "Wow, I forgot about this artist".

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors
@George, that must be why I do so well with my friends on the sports forum. I post there every day!

Joanne Benson
Great advice Clint! And so true. It is about developing relationships with your collectors. I find that I collect from people I have developed a relationship with as well.

Trent Gudmundsen
To quote Amy in the book Little Women: " don't need scores of suitors; only the right one".

Casey Craig
So true Clint. A bird in the hand...

Jo Allebach
I better get back to my Newsletter. I ave been remiss putting one together. Thanks for the nudge.

Dan Goldstein
I appreciate your article, Clint. As the webmaster of a fledgling artsite, I am committed to developing positive relationships with the artists who agree to show. I agree that profit or no profit - infringement can occur. And at any rate, if Art4Love was showing Ads on the site, they were profiting.

Donald Fox
The best sales have always come from people who already own my work or their referrals. Those from outside that network are then rapidly incorporated into it so that they too may become champions of the work. Word of mouth is a powerful force.

Carol Schmauder
I get so wrapped up in life I often neglect sending a newsletter. Thanks for the reminder that newsletters are a great source for us.

Ginger Whellock
I would love to send you my Newsletters ... but I only send to folks who have signed up ... haven't noticed that you are signed up. Check out samples of my Newsletters at then choose to subscribe, please.

Good post, Clint, and appropriate.

Clint Watson
Ginger - you are correct, you SHOULD only send to people who have signed up and kudos to you for doing that. My point wasn't that artists should send newsletters to ME specifically, it was that they should send newsletters to those who do sign up (which you're doing). I was just using myself as an example, I've signup up for a lot of newsletters and most of them appear to be unused and that's a huge marketing opportunity overlooked by many artists.

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors
I thought Ginger's response to you was perfect! :-)

If I had a newsletter, I'd offer you a subscription as well. :-)

Ginger Whellock
Clint, my comment was rather tongue in cheek. My newsletters have become a great way to communicate with my followers - my stats show huge increases in website traffic following delivery and I get many reply emails too. Thanks again for providing the platform.

Patti Trostle
Thanks so much true!


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