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Marc Hanson - the majesty of nature

by Informed Collector on 1/26/2011 8:58:34 AM

This post is from our Informed Collector newsletter. If you would like to receive daily briefs about today's finest artists, visit for your free subscription.

Informed Collector Recommends:
Marc Hanson

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Marc captures all the majesty of nature. His artwork depicts the moments and places that we all want to witness. 



Dinghies by Marc Hanson (shown below) was selected as  Finalist - Outstanding Pastel in the November 2010 BoldBrush Painting Competition.

Winter Harmony by Marc Hanson (shown below) was selected as a Finalist in the November 2010 BoldBrush Painting Competition.

Marc Hanson - Canvoo Focal Point

Focal Point: Marc Hanson
Visit Marc Hanson's Canvoo Focal Point on the web

An example of fine art by Marc Hanson 

An example of fine art by Marc Hanson

Photo of Marc Hanson

Marc captures all the majesty of nature. His artwork depicts the moments and places that we all want to witness.

- Informed Collector

Quick Facts about Marc Hanson:

* Year Born: 1955

* Main Website:

Artworks by Marc Hanson:

Other Web Pages with info about Marc Hanson

Marc Hanson's Main Artist Website

Art Galleries Representing Marc Hanson

Addison Art Gallery
Orleans, MA - 508-255-6200

American Legacy Gallery
Kansas City, Missouri - 816-444-7944

Coleman Fine Art
Charleston, SC - (843) 853-7000

Marc R. Hanson Studio
Taylors Falls, MN - 651-442-3811

New Gallery
Dallas, TX - 214-366-0600

Ponderosa Art Gallery
Hamilton, MT - 406-375-1212

Windrush Gallery
Sedona, AZ - 800-323-0115 / 928-282-7676



Artist's Statement

Marc R. Hanson

A viewer of my paintings wrote to me recently and had this to say, "Your landscapes are so evocative, for me so emotional. You have a gift for portraying more than realism in your landscapes-not something fantastical, but something simultaneously approachable and not. Not everyone will do what you do, but so many of us are deluded or ambitious enough to aspire to." This very generous and kind statement describes exactly how I would hope that my art is received by those who view it. I try to live up to this ideal with each painting.

One of the reasons that I'm a visual artist is that it has always been more effective for me to share my excitement about the natural world through visual means, painting or drawing, than it has been through writing or speaking about it. My love of the land, the Midwest in particular, and my desire to communicate that deep seeded love is what drives my work. Painting is the vehicle for my expression of that love. My purpose is not to replicate the specific or dwell on the spectacular, as much as it is to observe the specific and to discover the beauty in the seemingly unspectacular. My goal is to paint a sense of place and what that means to me as an artist.

Typically my work is painted on location during all seasons of the year. The
paintings created on location are painted on a smaller scale in oils. The smaller scale of these paintings allows me to capture those fleeting moods, and quickly changing light or weather effects. I've painted this way, en plein air, for many years now, and have completed many, many hundreds of these studies. Most of these small paintings are painted either on linen or primed board and are completed in one to one and half hours.

The studies represent my immediate reaction to the subject matter and are a record of that short period in time. Just as importantly, they build an enormous library of visually recallable information that is indispensable to me in the studio. When working on larger paintings in the studio, studies and the memory of the time and place are invaluable to me and form the basis for much of my studio work.

My most recent work has been to create large landscape paintings, as large in
scale as those painted in the studio, entirely on location. Some of these paintings are completed in one session, others are completed over a longer period of time lasting several sessions. The challenge that working from life in this way presents is overridden by the benefit to my understanding of light and color on the landscape, and the authenticity that it brings to my paintings. I foresee my art continuing to move in this direction, major works mostly completed on site.

Art Center College of Design ~ Pasadena, California 1976 -1978
Sierra College ~ Rocklin, California 1973 - 1976

Margaret C. Baumgaertner Portrait Workshop ~ Lacrosse, Wisconsin 2001
Zhang Wen Xin Workshop ~ Jackson, Wyoming 1993
Richard Schmid Workshop ~ Bartlesville, Oklahoma 1989
Stephen Gjertson, Art Barn School of Classical Realism ~ Two Harbors,
Minnesota 1988
Richard Schmid Workshop ~ Des Plaines, Illinois 1988


I continually teach workshops all over the country. The listing of dates became too long to continue but my website, blog and facebook page all list any classes or workshops that I schedule.

Scottsdale, AZ ~ Scottsdale Artists School ~ 2011

Taylors Falls, MN ~ Annual Landscape Painting Workshop ~ 2007 - Current year.

Sioux Falls, SD ~ South Dakota Plein Air Painters ~ 2007

Amelia Island Florida ~ North Florida Plein Air Painters ~ 2007
Ozark Pastel Society ~ Springdale, Arkansas 2006
ArtCenter, Traverse City ~ Traverse City, Michigan 2006, 2007
Lake Country Pastel Society ~ Chaska, Minnesota 2006
Northern Florida Plein Air Painters ~ Jacksonville, Florida 2006
Cornucopia Art Center ~ Lanesboro, Minnesota 2004, 2005, 2006
Minnesota River School of Art ~ Burnsville, Minnesota 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
Crossings at Carnegie ~ Zumbrota, Minnesota 2001 - 2002
University of Minnesota ~ St. Paul, Minnesota 1995
Great River Road Symposium ~ Red Wing, Minnesota 1992
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators ~ University of Minnesota ~ St.Paul,Min-
nesota 1990


Door County Plein Air Festival ~ Artist's Choice 2nd place, Juror's Award for best portfolio 2nd place ~ 2010

Canvoo Bold Brush Competition, 2nd Place '09, Finalist Oils, Finalist Pastel.

John Marion Pardy Landscape Award of Excellence, Oil Painters of Americas 19th Annual National Juried Exhibition~Legacy Gallery~Scottsdale, AZ 2010

Award of Excellence, Oil Painters of Americas 18th Annual National Juried Exhibition~Sage Creek Gallery~ Santa Fe, NM 2009

Presidents Award of Excellence, Oil Painters of America National Exhibition ~ Whistle Pik Gallery ~ Fredericksburg, Texas 2007
Phipps Center for the Arts ~ 2006 Members Exhibition ~ Award of Distinction
International Artist ~ 2006 Landscape Challenge ~ Finalist
Pastel Journal ~ 2004 PASTELS 100 ~ Honorable Mention Award, Landscape
Pastel Journal ~ 2003 PASTELS 100 ~ Fifth Place Landscape ~ Two Honorable
Mention Awards, Landscape
Pastel Journal ~ 2002 PASTELS 100 ~ Second Place Landscape
Awarded Signature Status, Oil Painters of America ( O.P.A.) 2001
Award of Excellence, Oil Painters of America National Exhibit ~ Gallery Ameri-
cana ~ Carmel, California 2000
Par Excellence Award, EAA Aviation Art Exhibit ~ Oshkosh, Wisconsin 1999


Creative Convergence: Cape Cod ~ Addison Art Gallery, Orleans, MA ~ 2011

Creative Convergence: San Miguel ~ Addison Art Gallery, Orleans, MA ~ 2010

SAS Beaux Arts Auction ~ Scottsdale, AZ ~ 2010

The Value of Black and White ~ Penninsula Art School, Fish Creek, WI ~ 2010

Oil Painters of America National Exhibit ~ Legacy Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ ~ 2010

Oil Painters of America National Exhibit ~ Sage Creek Gallery, Santa Fe, NM ~ 2009

Oil Painters of America National Exhibit ~ Dana Gallery, Missioula, MT ~ 2008

Oil Painters of America National Exhibit ~ Whistle Pik Gallery, Fredricksburg, TX ~ 2007

Salon International 2007 ~ Greenhouse Gallery ~ San Antonio, TX ~ 2007

Small Paintings Exhibit ~ Waterhouse Gallery ~ Santa Barbara, CA ~ 2007

Coleman Fine Art ~ 'Nocturnes', Marc Hanson, John Cosby, and Mary Whyte ~ 2006
American Legacy Gallery ~ Summer Show, Marc Hanson, Mark Feckinger, and Jeff Legg 2006
Oil Painters of America 14th Annual National Exhibit ~ Hilligoss Gallery ~Chicago, Illinois ~ 2005
American Legacy Gallery ~ 'Summer Group Show' ~ 2004
Oil Painters of America Midwest Regional Exhibit ~ Hilligoss Gallery ~
Chicago, Illinois ~ 2004
Coleman Fine Art,Ltd ~ Charleston,South Carolina
Waterhouse Gallery ~ Santa Barbara, California
Nichol's Taos Fine Art Gallery ~ Taos, New Mexico
American Legacy Gallery ~ 'The Beauty of Traditional Landscapes' ~ Kansas City,Missouri 2003
Water Street Gallery ~ Saugatuck, Michigan
Meadow Creek Gallery presents 'Marc Hanson' ~ Edina, Minnesota 2003 'Premier Collection" Group Show ~ Meadow Creek Gallery ~ Edina, Min-
nesota 2002
'Art du Jour' ~ Meadow Creek Gallery, Edina ~ Minnesota 2002
Christmas Miniatures ~ Meadow Creek Gallery ~ Edina, Minnesota 2001
Oil Painters of America Midwest Regional Exhibit ~ Hilligoss Galleries ~ Chicago, Illinois 2003
Oil Painters of America National Exhibit ~ Zantman Art Galleries ~ Palm Desert,
California 2001
Oil Painters of America National Exhibit ~ Gallery Americana ~ Carmel, California 2000
Oil Painters of America National Exhibit ~ Vanier Fine Art ~ Scottsdale, Arizona
Minnesota Landscapes ~ River Gallery ~ St. Paul, Minnesota 1997
Rochester Art Center ~ Rochester, Minnesota...
~ Southeastern Minnesota Landscapes-Seven Points of View 1995
~ Minnesota Landscape Painters 1993
~ Southeastern Minnesota Artists Exhibit 1989
Fall Classics Art Show ~ White Oak Gallery ~ Edina, Minnesota & Ponderosa Art
Gallery ~ Hamilton, Montana since 1985
Gateway Gallery ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico
American Miniatures ~ Settler's West Gallery ~ Scottsdale, Arizona
Talisman Gallery ~ Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Cornucopia Art Center ~ Lanesboro, Minnesota
Jack Dennis' Wyoming Gallery ~ Jackson, Wyoming
Jackson Rendezvous ~ Claggett/Rey Gallery ~ Vail, Colorado
Buffalo Museum of Science ~ Buffalo, New York
High Desert Museum ~ Bend, Oregon
Beijing Museum of Natural History ~ People's Republic of China
Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum ~ Honolulu, Hawaii
Santa Barbara Museum ~ Santa Barbara, California
Frye Art Museum ~ Seattle, Washington
' Nature of the Beast' ~ Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art ~ Loretto, Pennsylvania
' Birds in Art ' ~ Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum ~ Wausau, Wisconsin
National Geographic Society Exhibit ~ Smithsonian Institution ~ Washington,DC
Southeastern Exhibition ~ Charleston, South Carolina
Easton Waterfowl Festival ~ Easton, Maryland
Carnegie Museum of Natural History ~ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
British Museum of Natural History ~ London, England
Royal Scottish Academy ~ Edinburgh, Scotland

The Hamilton Collection, Illustrator ~ 1993 - 1995
Nice Man Merchandising, Illustrator ~ 1990 - 1993
National Screenprint, Illustrator ~ 1986 - 1989
National Geographic Society, Illustrator ~ 1983 - 1984
Rakela and Company Design Studio ~ Sacramento, California ~ Staff Illustrator

Oil Painters of America (O.P.A.) ~ Signature Member

American Art Collector, 'Nocturnes', 2006, Creative Convergence 2010, 2011
International Artist Magazine, Landscape Finalist, Issue 47 Feb/Mar 2006
Plein Air Magazine, Feature Story and Demonstration, February 2005
The Pastel Journal, Pastel 100 2002, 2003, 2004
Sporting Classics Magazine, Feature Story 1993
National Geographic Society ' A Field Guide to North American Birds', 1984

Upcoming Events and Exhibits

Creative Convergence- Cape Cod
Addison Art Gallery - Orleans, MA - Cape Cod
Reception: 2/19/2011 (5:30pm - 7:30pm)

This renowned group of artists from across the United States and Mexico decided to meet in Provincetown, our country's oldest art colony, and to explore Cape Cod, the region that inspired Charles Hawthorne, Edward Hopper and Henry David Thoreau. Like other artists who have been drawn here for over 100 years, they came to be inspired by the landscape, the light, the sea, our communities and each other. We invite you to discover their own interpretations of this place and it's people.

Wet Paint
Coleman Fine Art
Reception: (5:00 pm to 8:00 pm)

WET PAINT 2011 - March 21st - 26th Coleman Fine Art's Eighth Annual plein air paint out in Charleston, SC, WET PAINT – March 21st - 26th, 2011. The artists will paint different locations in and around the Charleston area. Typical locations might include, Lower Church Street, Shem Creek, Magnolia Gardens, Folly Beach, or Johns Island. Call the gallery to confirm the day's locations. Please join us as we conclude the weeks work with a reception for the artists, and an opportunity to view the paintings on Friday, March 25th, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm at Coleman Fine Art. The reception is free and open to the public. Saturday morning, March 26th, at 11:00 am, at the gallery, the public is invited to join the artists as they lead a personal walk-through of the exhibition. The exhibition of WET PAINT 2011 will remain on view through April 23rd, 2011.


Field To Studio
Scottsdale Art School- Scottsdale, AZ

This workshop is open to oil and pastel painters who are already comfortable with their media, and have experience working outdoors. We will start with field work: gathering possible candidates to be used for larger paintings, followed by a few days of studio work enlarging the studies selected. Hanson will demonstrate this process from start to finish. Students should expect to get a good start on the final painting but may not finish it entirely. The goal is to get the student to see the value in creating accurate field work that can be used as a reference in the studio, to work up a concept from the field into a strong studio painting that has similarities to, but is not a copy of, the field work. We will use photography where necessary and discuss the benefits and disadvantages of using them together.
SAS Staff(


2 Day Plein Air Landscape Workshop
Crossings at Carnegie- Zumbrota, MN
The workshop will include two days of demonstrations, lecture and instruction about how I paint in the landscape 'en plein air'.  Each day will include a demo, group discussion about painting technique, materials and philosophy, and easel time for students along with easel critique.  I like to concentrate on the basic elements of painting and will include an exercise or two to reinforce some of the basics that we all need to brush up on from time to time.  There will be at least one black&white exercise, and the chance to paint a couple of full color studies as well.  At the end of the two days there will be time for a discussion about your work and for questions as a group.
The workshop is open to oil painters and pastel painters of any level.


6/20-24, 2011!(750)
Taylors Falls, MN
Due to the overwhelming response to the August Mentorship... I HAVE DECIDED TO ADD A DATE FOR A 2ND MENTORSHIP!!!
THE DATES ARE... JUNE 20 - 24, 2011. 
If you have not heard from me about the August mentorship, please consider the June dates.  
Everything else stays the same... Only the dates have changed to... June 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24, 2011.
FULL!!! 'Mentored Experience'
Taylors Falls, MN

South East Pastel Society
Quinlan Visual Arts Center - Gainesville, GA
This is a 3 day workshop for pastelists and is held in conjunction with the SPS's Annual Members Show.  Please contact the SPS at the number above if interested.  Thank you.

Other Web Pages Marc Hanson Recommends
(These pages are not necessarily about Marc Hanson)

Kami Polzin

Marc R. Hanson - A Closer Look

O.P.A. - Oil Painters of America

Outdoor Painters of Minnesota


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