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What Canvoo is Really About

by Clint Watson on 8/6/2010 3:51:04 PM

This article is by Clint Watson,  former art gallery owner/director/salesperson and founder of FineArtViews. You should follow Clint on Twitter here.

We understand that artists must create. There simply is no option. It is in their DNA. That's because the Creator really gives artists two gifts - the talent and a burning desire to create.  If you're an artist, you know what I'm talking about.  

But what happens after the act of creation? What do you do after the paint dries?

On a surface level, if you want to keep creating, you must sell your art and "make a living."  But, contrary to the "staving artist" myth - that part is really not all that complicated. Is "marketing" a lot of work?  Yes.  But the actual things you do are pretty simple. 

Canvoo is about "marketing", certainly, but it's more about a deeper level:

Before I started Canvoo, I owned an art gallery.  I vividly remember watching people stand in front of paintings and weep... or laugh.. or cry. Art is that powerful.  Art is much more powerful than most artists themselves even realize.  People love art, and they want to live with art. Sharing art is sharing love, it is sharing life.  That's what we believe. 

What is Canvoo?  Canvoo is a place for artists. It's a place for people who love art. It's a movement. It's the 21st century equivalent of an artist's guild, atelier, juried exhibition, marketing workshop and more rolled into one. It's a place where discussions can thrive and where artists can get no-bullshit answers. We currently feature an art marketing newsletter, an art website builder, a monthly online art competition, a forum where artists connect with each other and with art-lovers, and a daily compilation of the best art-related "stuff" we find on the Internet. 

But more than that, Canvoo is a group. A better question than "What is Canvoo?" is "Who is Canvoo?"  Canvoo is a band of artists who realize they are blessed with a gift.  Artists who aren't afraid to be successful while sharing that gift.  We're looking for artists who are willing to say, "Yeah. This marketing stuff isn't all that difficult.  My art is a gift to me from God AND it's my gift to you, the world.  So I'm going to share it."  

Canvoo is really about anything that convinces artists how special their gift is. And that with that special gift comes a responsibility. If you're an artist, you're not only "making a living", but you have a responsibility to share your art with the world.  A responsibility to market your art and sell your work - your art work will change the world.

Think about this:  Somewhere, in this world, there is someone who, if they saw your art, would weep... or laugh... or cry.  Canvoo is about providing resources, so you can figure out how to make that moment happen. 

After all, that's what you were put here to do.


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Karen Winters
Very inspiring, Clint!

Jerry Dame
Right on Clint. The drive to do the painting is always pushing. When that work is done another inspiration starts the drive all over again. Marketing is often an unwelcome visitor that must be accommodated. But with out the marketing who would know? Who would see? Bless you for putting this necessity in perspective.

Clint Watson
Thanks for the feedback Karen and Jerry.

Lori Woodward
Clint, I can honestly say that I would not be the successful artist I am today if it were not for Canvoo, my website - and especially my email newsletter and blog.

Daily, these utilities are opening new doors for me to make a living with my artwork.

You have indeed changed the world for artists. Coding for artists - and understanding their needs is the Creator's gift to you - and us.

carol schmauder
Thank you, Clint. Artists really are driven to create rather than market their work, however, as you stated; if you want to keep creating, you must sell your art and "make a living.

Phyllis O'Shields
This is a true and overlooked emotional response. All art patrons that I have personally resonate deeply with the tropical landscape and everything related... Paintings remind them of their special "Beach" thanks Phyllis O'Shields

kohlene hendrickson
I just love this article. I am one of the Canvoo Clan and it cut straight to the heart.

thanks Clint.

David Tipps
I appreciate Clint's article reminding me of "why" my passion to create was given to me. I forget that the inner drive started way back in childhood before I knew what it was, just a feeling of needing to do something to express myself. Later it became clear that what I loved is what needs to be expressed and remains my drive today. I get so caught up in what I'm working on that I forget why I'm doing it sometimes. I'm creating for the world, knowing that somewhere out there someone with like interest will look at what I create and it will open something joyful in them. They will be aware of my vision on some level because we share something. Clint reminded me that I need to work harder to get it out there so it can be shared. Thanks

Helen Horn Musser
Thanks for this story telling; I actually feel the words "the Creator really gives the artist two gifts; the talent and the burning desire to create" inside myself and am grateful to you for putting it in writing. "Burning desire" is the motivator for all of us as artists. This desire is felt by all people who create in any profession. But I'm not sure it is a "Burning" Desire

George De Chiara
Great post Clint. I'm so happy I came across this site and FASO for my web site. I've learned more about marking in the last year then I ever have before.

Stede Barber
A beautiful reminder that what I do is of value and import to others, which makes it all the more valuable to me...thank you Clint.

I always drew like a wild thing as a child, nonstop as long as a pencil and some sort of paper were around. And when those ran out, I made my own paint from mud and painted rocks. Disappointing results, but fabulous experience.

As I got older I used to sit in front of paper or canvas and feel this incredible urge, but not know what to do with image would satisfy the craving of a 12-year old who hasn't developed the skills to express what's inside. Now the feeling still surges, but the confidence and trust of how to let 'er rip when I pick up the brushes or pencil are also in place. And strangely enough, my work is often described as peaceful, offering serenity and calm to the viewer. As long as I let the creative energy flow through, that is how I feel, too.

Thank you for creating this community within which to learn, grow, and share.

Clint, I love it when someone finds the exact words to perfectly tell it like it is. Thank you! I appreciate your work.


Carole Rodrigue
Wow, thank you for this powerful article. Your last sentence hit home for me. I was also hit hard with the need to share a few years ago when someone stood in front of one of my paintings and cried. It stired so many deep emotions for her, as well as cherished memories. It was humbling to realize that something I created could move someone so profoundly.

Thanks for creating all of this!

P.S. I switched to my Faso Gold plan website recently and I just LOVE it!

Helen Horn Musser
Carole, you reminded me of the time one of my collectors had commissioned a painting of her Dad's house. My heart said put her dad in the picture with his dog and tractor. She cried when she saw it and it was a wonderful feeling she really felt the work was just what she wanted. I was not sure how she would react to the painting

Sue Martin
Thank you, Clint, for all the resources you provide and the community you've created. I thoroughly enjoy the "conversations" and seeing what others are doing.

Clint Watson
Thank you everyone - I am honored and humbled by your kind words.

Eldora Larson
I'm still new to FASO and all its wonderful features but I am learning so much and appreciating it more and more everday. Thank you.

Yes, art is to share, another great article

max hulse

I have reread this column on several occasions
as it is very meaty.

I have never had anyone cry over my painting, but I have had people buy them and tell me
over and over for years how much enjoyment it
brings on a a daily basis. What a gift this
is to me as an artist to know your created
work gives pleasure to someone on a continuing
basis. It does give me the incentive to keep
painting and trying to get better each time.

Max Hulse

Helen Horn Musser
Max, I'm sure your time will come for experiencing the tears from clients. It is a joy to feel.

Mark Haglund
Thank you Clint for all the effort you put into marketing fine art and creating this environment for communication.

Spencer Meagher
"We understand that artists must create. There simply is no option. It is in their DNA.". How refreshing to find someone who truly understands the artist.

These are the exact words I have used to explain to non-artists the drive that is inside of me.

Once again Clint, you confirm that I have joined the right team.

Sasha Moye
I was just checking to see if one of my up coming art events is getting known on the internet and I stumbled across Canvoo with all of my details. What a pleasant surprise. I am so thankful that I chose FAO for my website. It's so easy to use! Thank-you!

Bonnie white
Art is a powerful form of communication for some people. It is personal and very personal. Many artists create in isolation. You have changed that world. The first time I posted I did it just because I could and I was fairly anonymous. I was shocked beyond belief when my dog painting received the title of -outstanding watercolor.” When my paintings got in the top 15 percent the fifth time, I realized it wasn't a fluke, my path of self study was headed in the right direction. Without the system you've created, I'm not sure I would have had the confidence to keep climbing that mountain.


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