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Post New Works to Your Site Religiously

by Clint Watson on 3/9/2010 9:50:25 AM

This article is by Clint Watson,  former art gallery owner/director/salesperson and founder of FineArtViews. You should follow Clint on Twitter here.

I'm coming to believe that developing the right habits is the most important step for success in every area of life. Habits drive our actions and actions drive who we are and what we become. We want to encourage good habits and discourage bad habits. Many accomplished artists I know have described to me the process of practicing their technique until it becomes "subconscious." In other words, they practice until their technique becomes a "habit." These sorts of habits make experts. Michael Jordan developed a habit of “nothin' but net.” Warren Buffet developed a habit of picking undervalued investments (and is worth over 40 billion). Richard Schmid has made it a habit of creating masterful paintings. Bill Clinton made it a habit of...well we all know about his habits …perhaps a bad example.

In any case, art, marketing and the Internet is my beat. And today I hope, dear reader, to offer you something useful in that arena.

Today I offer you a simple, seemingly obvious way to improve your marketing and increase the visibility of your art.

Here it is: Develop a HABIT of posting new art works on your web site religiously.

Think of it this way: A painting isn’t really finished until you’ve posted it on your web site. This accomplishes several positive objectives.

1. It keeps your web site current – an absolute must if you want people to come back again
2. It immediately starts “marketing” your new art work
3. It keeps you from having a huge backlog of works that “need to go on the site.”
4. It makes you determine if the painting is REALLY ready to go “live.”

As an art collector, when I hit an art site (especially one that I have visited before), I almost always look for a “What’s New” (or something similar) link.

If you want to take this concept to the proverbial “next level”, then make it a habit to also send an email announcing the new artworks on your site every time you post them. But I’ll save that idea for another newsletter….


Clint Watson
Software Craftsman and Art Fanatic

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Jill Banks
Thanks, Clint for the nudge. Having a backlog of images makes the task more daunting. I love the idea of a What's New button. That goes on my "to do" list.

Casey Craig
Great advice Clint! I also like the "what's new" option. I also think artists need to post new work on their homepage. Even if you regularly post new works it won't appear that your site is updated if you always see the same image(s) on the homepage.

Lori Woodward
Important reminder, Clint!

Maria Soto Robbins
Thanks, Clint. Another great reminder. I love the idea of the piece not finished until it's posted on my site!

Nancy Riedell
What timing! No sooner had I worked on my web site than you ran this newsletter. Yes, I do post new works religiously. I would also like to add that when I sell a painting, I put that painting on my main page for a week or so with a brief description of the buyers and what attracted them to buy the piece. I also would like to add that I sold a piece right after I sent out my first newsletter. the newsletter works. many thanks, Clint!

Lorraine Khachatourians
I was just putting up some new small ones just finished. They will be going into the upcoming Gardenscape gardening show at the end of the month, which has an art show for local artists as part of its display. The gardening show has over 25,000 people over 3 days, so it is great exposure. Also, I volunteer to help plant the demonstration gardens so get a pre-spring flower immersion too (we don't get to garden until May in our northern climate). So this was another timely item - do you read our minds?

Sheryl Knight
Hi Clint, I did like your post about putting new work on our websites right away. I just added 8 paintings this week and am hoping to send out an email to my mailing list with at least one of the images on it and some news about what's happening and upcoming shows. You are a real encouragement to keep at it! Thanks so much for all the expertise and advise you share with us. I do read your articles daily.

Ginger Whellock
Hey Clint, Great advice. If I left my dirty dishes in the sink for a month I would probably rather move than spend 4 hours trying to clean up. So I post my work as soon as I have a photo. Sometimes, I even take photos and post them before the painting is complete! I don't do dishes before finishing the meal though. But I've a lot of collectors who love to watch as I struggle through a painting... and when they purchase them they ask for copies of my blog or e-Newsletter where I have shown the progress of the painting in photos and words.

Thanks for your commitment to artists.

Carole Rodrigue
I'm guilty of not posting new work as soon as possible. I will post on my blog as soon as I'm done, but sometimes wait in case I need to "tweak" the piece. But once I'm sure it is indeed done, I post it. I always post 2 new pieces on my home page also. Maybe I should write "new" next to them . . . never thought of that until now.

Thanks Clint!

Ginger, love the analogy of dirty dishes!

Spencer Meagher
Great article and advice as always. I am working diligently on this idea. I'm nearing the end of my adaptation of the "painting a day" concept. 50 in 50 for 50.

Everything I've read from your website is extremely valuable. I can honestly say my art career has taken off like a rocket since I started following your advice.

My next question is "how do I keep the momentum going when Project 50 runs out in 12 days"?

I'm open for new ideas from anyone.

Karen Winters
I post new works to my blog religiously, but only update my site every 2-3 weeks or so. Perhaps I should be doing it more frequently? I'm assuming that most people are blog readers first, but maybe that's a mis assumption.

Spencer Meagher
I am only "just" discovering blogs. My habit is to visit websites of artists that I like based on images of their art I've discovered, most likely through google or through FASO. I'm still trying to figure out exactly the function of blogging. Kind of like learning a new language or culture. Your lost for a while.

Carol Bailey
Good advice Clint! That is the number one thing that brings me back to the site of the artists I like to watch!

Filomena Booth
Thanks for another great article. I'm a pretty prolific painter and I too don't consider a work finished until I've posted it on my website, listed it on the various art sites I use, blog about it and send out a monthly newsletter. Whew! A lot of work but it's starting to pay off.

Jill Banks
That is a lot of work! I'm curious about the various art sites you use. Are there any ones in particular that have worked well for you? How do they get visitors?

Filomena Booth

There are several sites out there that that are great to help expose your art to more viewers. FineArtAmerica, ArtQuiver, DiscoveredArtists and Yessy are some of the sites that I use. I find that writing on a few blog sites such as Daily Painters Abstract Gallery, Daily Painters International Art Gallery and my blog, helps to attract visitors to my website also.

I also send out a monthly newsletter to previous buyers and others who have shown interest in my work. In the newsletter I introduce my new work and also include a small discount "coupon" to encourage sales directly from my website.

I forgot to mention that I also post new paintings on YouTube and am starting to develop a following there.

Yes, all this takes a lot of time but I think that in today's market, artists need to be in tune with technology and use it to market themselves as much as possible.

These newsletters from Clint and all the other contributors with FASO offer so many more ideas and suggestions!

Charlotte Herczfeld
Clint, great advice! For once, I already think of the site like that (so nice to be doing something smart now and then! :-). It is the blogging that is a hurdle to me...

A Question: Do you recommend, or advice against, putting the latest painting on the starter page? I'm thinking either it shows people there are new things going on, or... knowing I do that, they don't go deeper into the site. Any thoughts on this?

Sheryl Knight
Thanks Clint and Charlotte for the idea of the new painting on the starter page. I have one I just added this week that I like but not on the home page. I think I will do that.

Sheryl Knight
Lori, I liked your post about organization. I found myself agreeing with you in so many ways, especially when you said "realistically, I can't do more than one important thing at a time...I jump from one goal to another while feeling overwhelmed and confused." I can relate to that!! Thanks. I always enjoy your writings and learn from them.

Tuva Stephens
I do post a new painting on my website and also feature that painting usually in my next newsletter. I also announce "New Works" not only on my website but FB leading them back to my website. It is do great to have a website to allow everyone you meet to check it out!

Carole Rodrigue
Filomena, when you post to YouTube, do you post a photo or is it a clip of you at work painting? I've considered this venue for a while but it seems like such work to record, edit, edit, yanno.

Filomena Booth
Carole, here is a link to my YouTube channel:

I use Windows Movie Maker and then set it to YouTube's music...not much to choose from, so I apologize ahead of time.

Carole Rodrigue
Thank you for the link Filomena! I watched the clip and enjoyed it very much. I'd love to do something like this in the future, once I develop a technical brain ;-) . It's very well done, and your art is wonderful!

Gina Buzby
What a helpful article and it was infused with some enjoyable humor! I really need to work on these good habits!

Jodi Bauter
I have to admit I am pretty bad at keeping art constantly loaded on my site that is new. The reason for that is, I usually feel like if it is not yet in a frame then I should not post it. But if I don't post how can any one see it. Thanks for the push.

Kathryn Clark
This is an important reminder to keep updating. I just added a blog to my web site and really like posting to it. Someone in this discussion wanted to know the purpose of a blog. For me, it's a much less formal way of displaying your art works and talking about your thoughts about creating paintings. I'm also a professional hand papermaker so I'm using my blog to discuss the characteristics of paper, both machine and hand made, how they are created by the paper maker, and what media are best for those qualities. For those interested in using paper, just go to my web site and click on the Blog link. Also, you can go to for paper. I'm happy to answer questions in the "Comments" section.

Diane Tasselmyer
I keep a personal list of the top 10 FASO posts affecting me the most, or to encourage me to do something.

I realize this is perhaps going into the top 5. It is the "habit" this post discusses. and I want to make the most of my website!


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