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Spotlight On: Jennifer McChristian

by FineArtViews on 2/26/2010 3:23:40 PM

This spotlight was brought to you by FineArtViews which was founded by Clint WatsonYou should follow Clint on Twitter here.

Spotlight On: Jennifer McChristian
FineArtViews Painting Competition Winner

Best of Show
Award Sponsor: FASO

'Urban Passage'
by Jennifer McChristian
Oil 12 x 9

Entered in: January 2010
Award winning artist, Jennifer McChristian, was born and raised in Montreal, Canada.  From an early age, she knew she wanted to be an artist. Upon completing high school,  McChristian began her art education at Dawson’s College in Montreal, Canada.  In 1986, she and her family took permanent residency in California, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree with Honors from Otis Art Institute in 1990.

McChristian was employed as a full-time animation artist and worked on projects for various animation studios including Disney and Nickelodeon. She has continued her studies under the tutelage of renowned artists Robert Blue,  Karl Dempwolf,  Scott Burdick and Steve Huston.  Her inspirations consist of notable artists such as John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, Nicolai Fechin and Cecilia Beaux.  McChristian primarily paints  in oils and occasionally watercolors.  She has an affinity for painting ‘en plein air’ and also enjoys creating studio works using her outdoor sketches as inspiration. “Plein-air painting is somewhat of a spiritual experience for me. Although challenging at times, the end result evokes within me a sense of elation, nostalgia and harmony”.

Since 2000,  McChristian has devoted herself to painting full-time and actively participates in art events and community building programs. She conducts an ongoing, uninstructed figure drawing workshop twice a week out of her spacious 1200 square foot studio (that she refers to as her ‘sanctuary’) located in the heart of Los Feliz Village, CA.  In addition, McChristian teaches private painting lessons once a week. She also finds the time to pursue other artistic interests such as classical ballet. McChristian believes learning is a never-ending process and continues to develop and refine her artistic talent through workshops, research, travel and frequent excursions to museums and galleries.

McChristian was recently invited to participate at the 2009 11th Laguna Plein Air Painting Invitational. She was also featured in Southwest Art's October 2009 publication and American Art Collector's February 2010 issue. She is a founding member of the Plein Air Painters of the West (PAPW) an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America (OPA) and a Signature Member of Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA)

Ms. McChristian is currently represented by Segil Fine Art Source in Monrovia, CA Aarnun Gallery in Pasadena, CA, Evergreen Fine Art in Evergreen, CO, Abend Gallery in Denver, CO and Silvana Gallery in Glendale, CA. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her significant other, Ben Fried, and a magically inclined calico cat named Bamboo.


2010 - "All Gallery Show" Abend Gallery, Denver, CP
2010 - "Urban Spaces: The San Fernando Valley" La Galeria Gitana, San Fernando, CA
2009 - "Small Works Show 2009" Gallery 1261, Denver, CO
2009 - "19th Annual Miniatures Holiday Show" Abend Gallery, Denver, CO
2009 - "7th Annual Small Works Show" Segil Gallery, Monrovia, CA
2009 - "11th Annual Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational 2009", Laguna Beach, CA
2009 - "Best of Plein Air" Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, Laguna, CA
2009 - "2009 OPA Western Regional Exhibition" Kirkland, WA
2009 - "New Work"  Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts / Beato and Logan Galleries, Ojai, CA
2009 - "Summer Salon" Segil Gallery, CA
2009 - "Less Is More" Miniatures Show,  Randy Higbee Gallery, CA
2009 - "Fresh Colours" Spring Group Show, Segil Gallery, CA
2009 - "OPA's 18th National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils", Sage Creek Gallery, NM
2009 - "Salon International 2009"  Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art, TX
2009 - "The Richeson 75: International Small Works Competition", Richeson Art Gallery, WI
2009 - "Contemporary Masters, Artistic Eden II"  Pasadena Historical Museum, CA
2008 - "18th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show" Abend Gallery, Denver, CO
2008 - "Aarnun Gallery Annual Winter Show" Aarnun Gallery, Pasadena,CA
2008 - "Annual Small Works North America 2008" Greenwich Workshop Gallery, Fairfield, CT
2008 - "Plein Air Painters of the West Fall Show ~ A Common Vision" Segil Fine Art Source, Monrovia,   CA
2008 - "10th Annual Laguna Beach Plein Air Invitational" Laguna Museum, CA
2008 - "OPA Western Regional Show and Sale"  Devin Gallery, Coeur d' Alene, ID
2008 - "Two Person Show "  Greenwich Workshop Gallery, Fairfield, CT
2008 - "Salon International 2008"   Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art, San Antonio, TX
2008 -  “C.M. Russell Auction and Exhibitors' Show”  Great Falls, MT
2008 - “OPA’s 17th National Juried Exhibition” Dana Gallery, Missoula, MT
2008 - “Urban LA and the Allure of Southern California”  Segil Fine Art Source, Monrovia, CA   
2007 - “Holiday Red Ribbon Group Show”  Segil Fine Art Source,  Monrovia, CA
2007 - “SmallWorks ~ North America”  Greenwich Workshop Gallery, Fairfield, CT
2007 - "Sixth Annual Invitational"  Fort Worth, TX 
2007 - “Contemporary Masters, Artistic Eden”  Pasadena Museum of History, Pasadena, CA
2007 - “A Decade of Inspiration”  Bedlam Warehouse, Los Angeles, CA
2007 - “GET:ART”  Annual Fundraiser, Bonhams and Butterfields, Los Angeles, CA 
2006 - “Treasures”  Segil Fine Art Source, Monrovia, CA 
2006 - “Winter Group Show”  Aarnun Gallery, Pasadena, CA 
2006 - “42nd  Pasadena Showcase House of Design”  Pasadena, CA 
2006 - “Salon International 2006”  Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, TX 
2006 - “Live Draw!”   DAC Fine Art with Human Rights Project, Los Angeles, CA 
2006 -  “Music and Art in the Park”  Glendale Orchestra Assoc. and Segil Fine Art Source, Glendale, CA 
2005 - “3rd Annual Small Works Show”   Segil Fine Art Source, Monrovia, CA 
2005 - “Jardins En Plein Air”  Whites Gallery, Montrose, CA 
2005 - “The 39th Annual Mother Lode Art Exhibition”  Our House Defines Art Gallery, El Dorado Hills, CA 
2005 - “Winter Group Show”  Segil Fine Art Source, Monrovia, CA 
2005 - “Annual Russian Winter Ball Fundraiser”  Los Angeles-St. Petersburg Sister City Committee,  Casa Del Mar Hotel, Los Angeles, CA 
2004 -  “Holiday Show”  Aarnun Gallery, Pasadena, CA 
2004 -  “Second Annual Holiday Small Works Show”  Segil Fine Art Gallery, Monrovia, CA     
2004 -  “Spring Salon”  The Arroyo Collection, Pasadena, CA             
2004 -   “CAC Annual Ebell Club Exhibition”  Los Angeles, CA 
2003 -  “Fall Salon”  The Arroyo Collection, Pasadena, CA 
2003 -  “Ode to the Open Road”  The Arroyo Collection, Pasadena, CA 
2003  - “Artist’s Choice”  Women’s City Club, Pasadena, CA            
2002  -  Melrose and Mississippi Gallery, La Canada, CA 
2002  - “Paintings of the Old Mill”  California Art Club Gallery, San Marino, CA 
2002  - “Paintings Created in the Studio-Still Life and Figurative”  Women’s City Club, Pasadena, CA 
2002  -  “East Valley Association Open Art Show,” West Covina, CA 
2000  -  Film Roman, Inc., N. Hollywood, CA 
1994  -  Otis Parsons Main Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


2010 - "Venerable Visions" - Solo Exhibition,  Segil Fine Art Source, Monrovia, CA
2007 - “Forgotten Places Remembered”- Solo Exhibition,   Segil Fine Art Source, Monrovia, CA 
2006 - “Off the Beaten Path”- Solo Exhibition,   Segil Fine Art Source, Monrovia, CA 
2003 - “First Steps” Patrick’s Cafe@The Local Hang Gallery, Glendale, CA


2010 - 'Best of Show' - FineArtStudioOnline competition (January 2010)
2009 - 'Finalist' - FineArtStudioOnline competition (June 2009)
2009 - '2nd Place Award'  - 'Less Is More' miniatures show,  Randy Higbee Gallery
2009 - 'Honorable Mention' - Salon International 2009,  Greenhouse Gallery
2009 - Jury's 'Top Fifty' - Salon International 2009, Greenhouse Gallery
2008 - 'Top 40' - SmallWorks North America 2008, Greenwich Workshop Gallery
2008 -  'Award of Excellence' - OPA Western Regional Show and Sale,  Devin Gallery
2008 -  'Award of Excellence' - OPA 17th National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils, Dana Gallery
2007  -  'Red Ribbon' - Holiday Group Show,   Segil Fine Art Source
2005  -  'Award of Merit' - The 39th Annual Mother Lode National Art Exhibition 
2004  -  'Third Place' - Second Annual Holiday Small Works Show,   Mountainside Fine Art Gallery 
2002  -  'Honorable Mention' - East Valley Art Association


Oil  Painters of America  (OPA) - Associate Member
Laguna Plein Air Painters Association  (LPAPA) - Signature Member
Plein Air Painters of the West  (PAPW) - Founding Member
Artists Who Teach


The HeArt Project/Mentorship Program -  Los Angeles, CA


2009 - 5 day plein air workshop, Ojai, CA (April 27 through May 1)
2008 - 5 day plein air workshop, Grants, NM (July 21 through July 25)
2007 - 3 day plein air workshop, Los Angeles, CA (October-November 2007)
2007  -  San Gabriel Fine Arts Association (2 hour demo) - San Gabriel, CA


2010 - 'American Art Collector'  "Venerable Visions"  February 2010 publication

2009 - 'Southwest Art Magazine'  "In Plain Sight"  article written by Virginia Campbell, October 2009 publication

2009 - 'The Ojai and Ventura View' "Plein Air - On the Surface" article written by Joel Anderson
Vol. 2, Issue 13, April 2009

2008 - 'EmptyEasel' online e-zine/art resource ~ featured artist for September 10th

2008 - 'The Beacon'  article written by Diane Fowler: Vol. 73, No. 60, July 2008

2008 - 'Monrovia Weekly / 'Art of Living'  article written by Candyce Columbus: Vol.13, No. 19, March 2008

2008 - 'Informed Collector’ :  featured in February 2008 online newsletter

2007 - Southwest Art Magazine :“Artists to Watch ” written by Bonnie Gangelhoff,  November 2007 issue. 

2007 - 'Focus in the Mix with Denise Ames' television show ~ AMGA Studios~News segment aired on October 19th and 21st on Channel 26 and 99/ Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable

2007 - 'Focus in the Mix with Denise Ames' television show ~ AMGA Studios~(5 minute interview)  Aired November 16th, 18th and 20th on Channel 26 and 99/ Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable

2007 - ‘Lines  and Color’ : review written by Charley Parker for online newsletter blog

2007 -  ‘O-News :  featured in Otis Parsons'  December newsletter

For more information visit the artist's website:

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Leslie Saeta
The only thing your feature on Jennifer failed to mention is that she is kind, beautiful and a wonderful teacher!

Karen Winters
Jennifer is a fantastic artist - I so enjoyed seeing her work at her latest solo show at the Segil Gallery in Monrovia. Congratulations, Jennifer!

Sheryl Knight
Great painting Jennifer. I really enjoying studying your brushstrokes.

Diane Tasselmyer
Jennifer is a real inspiration. Her brushwork dances you through each piece.

Sharon Weaver
Great to see a local artist take the grand prize. I have seen your work at Segil Gallery. Love it and this is one of the best. Congratulations.

Eve Kenyon
The color peaking through the loose brush strokes from adds wonderful excitement to the work, The pink against the grey concrete in Urban Passage of the concrete brings the architecture to life!

Eve Kenyon
The color peeking through the loose brush strokes adds wonderful excitement to the work. The pink against the grey concrete in Urban Passage brings the architecture to life!

Congrats to Jennifer, you are one talented girl! You have quite the list of awards, where do you find the time. Love your painting

Carol Schmauder
An impressive painting and an impressive resume'. Congratulations.

Debra Russell
Viewing a McChristian painting is always exciting. I love the undercolor that she always leaves hints of and her ability to create an exciting painting from such mundane scenes!

Carole Rodrigue
I can understand why she won the competition. And this piece was my favorite! She's a very talented artist.

Congratulations Jennifer!


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