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Ten Steps to Extraordinary Success in Your Art and Business

by Daniel J. Keys on 9/18/2009 9:19:01 AM

This Post is by Daniel J. Keys, Regular contributing writer for FineArtViews.  You should submit an article and share your views as a guest author by clicking here.

There are ten things that I feel are the basis to having a successful art career today. Whether youíre already a full time artist and are looking for the information youíll need to take your art to a new echelon, or are just starting out and wanting to see if youíve got what it takes to be a success in this business, I hope that youíll find these ten steps useful and inspiring while aiding you along the way.

Step 1. Have a sense of destiny

As artists, there comes a time when we reach a point of realization in our lives, and comprehend that weíre more than just hobbyists having a good time doing what we love to: Weíre people that have dedicated ours lives to be a part of something greater than ourselves; enriching the lives of all cultures and societies; giving a sense of clarity and understanding; stirring a sense of curiosity towards the world around us in everyone who takes the time to identify with our art.

Step 2. Set definite goals

Know exactly what it is that youíre after in your career as an artist. Donít leave any room for guessing.

Step 3. Make your goals balanced and reasonable

If youíve averaged thirty completed paintings a year, for the past five years, then you probably wonít reach a total of seventy -five this year just by setting a goal. Itís okay to push yourself to the next level, but be reasonable and set goals that are just beyond where you are now. Donít try to jump to point ďzĒ all the way from point ďaĒ: Take it one step at a time.

Step 4. Have Discipline

Laziness is our greatest enemy; if we let it rule our lives, weíll become unproductive, and sadly remain stagnate; or worse, weíll begin to slip backward undoing everything that weíve worked for.

Step 5. Stay hungry for success

As stated in my last article: The proof of your hunger for success is your focus. Remain focused on the goals that youíve set for your art, and business; do whatever it takes: If it means writing them down and posting them to your bathroom mirror just so that youíll see them more frequently (and thus keep them in the forefront of your thinking) so be it.

Step 6. Pursue quality people in your life

I seem to speak of this quite often. Itís vitally important that you develop good relationships with those who will assist you in achieving your dreams. Avoid those that do nothing more than bring you down, or try to talk you out of the decisions youíve made in your career.

I recently had the extraordinary privilege of sitting down with the master artist I admire most, Richard Schmid. Just being around him stirred my passion to improve and grow in my art. Spending time with quality people will do that for you too.

Step 7. Invest in yourself

I must sound like a broken record by know, but the best way to invest in ourselves isnít by going to the spa, or purchasing that new shirt we saw at Macyís yesterday. I know that those things can help to boost our happiness, but if weíd like something a bit more beneficial in the long run, especially where our careers as artists are concerned, we must educate ourselves: Buying books, DVDís, magazines, taking workshops, and visiting galleries and museums, all help to improve our ability to produce good art.

Investing in the development of our business sense, also done by reading books and watching DVDís on the subject, will help us remain in a constant state of learning where marketing is concerned as well.

Step 8. Make every minute count

Be organized. Know whatís ahead of you and prepare for it. For instance: I know that when starting a new still life painting, itíll take at least thirty minutes for me to set things up, so I wake up a bit earlier than I normally do each day. By doing this I can still spend the usual time that I like to in my studio, and feel less rushed to finish the piece.

Step 9. Be teachable

Donít become the old dog that canít be taught new tricks. Being stuck in a rut can be more than boring, it can be hazardous to your art and occupation. Always be willing to learn; whether from teachers, peers, or life itself. Pay attention to whatís going on around you, and look for opportunities to be challenged in your thinking. Thatís how we grow.

Step 10. Fight for excellence

Never settle. Your art, and your career, needs to be up to your own standards; donít let anyone talk you out of what you desire for your art, and your life.

Take the time to implement some of these steps in your day, and things will begin to take a turn for the better. Itís all about priorities, and paying attention; donít let today slip by without being as productive as you know you can be.

-Daniel J. Keys


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What a great article to read first thing in the morning with a cuppa. I feel inspired to get stuck into the day ahead with more gusto and ambition! Thanks for the wakeup.

Sharon Weaver
Daniel, I especially like #10 on your list, fight for excellence. I can still hear advise from others telling me that I shouldn't try something because I would fail. I always took those comments as a challenge and set out to prove that I could accomplish my goals. You have it right when you say FIGHT for excellence. Success is sweetest when the path is difficult.

wallace hugh Connolly jr
Be Teachable............I like that thought.

Ken Joslin
Great Info!!! Love Step 7

Heather Teasley
Invest in yourself! That is the main thing that I tell people daily. Reading a book, attending a workshop or learning a new skill will only enhance our art and help us grow into reaching our goals with our art business.

Justin Dancing Hawk
I find this very helpful! For example, one of my goals for this year is to take a shot at becoming a signature member of the Pastel Society of America ; another is to gain Gallery representation - I'm now represented at the Lee - Hoth Gallery in Port Wing , WI. ! , before I reach out to any others, I want to add more polish to my portfolio - another goal defined ! The first step to doing this is to go into Picasa and improve some of the photos of my work ! Then I intend to put a slide show together. ; and there are many others. Writing them down , and then breaking each down into steps really helps to get there!
Staying " Hungry " redefines: "Starving Artist" in a way I find beneficial and positive ! Investing in myself - I just signed up for a workshop in Finding Funding - Grants, etc., which is an area of the business I've not ventured into yet.
Fighting for excellence is , to me, knowing that my NEXT painting is my CAREER best ! Thanks for posting this!


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