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Art Marketing Ideas and Straight Talk about Selling Art, Marketing, Inspiration & Fine Living




The Chase: A Fantasy

by Donald Fox on 7/29/2011 10:11:46 AM

Day becomes night becomes day becomes swirling colored lights merging into white... [...]

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Selected Upcoming Exhibits by Informed Collector Artists

by Informed Collector on 7/29/2011 8:33:25 AM
Comment on this

Selected Upcoming Exhibits by Informed Collector Artists [...]

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Art Celebrity: Playing the fame game in art with POWHIDA

by Brian Sherwin on 7/28/2011 11:15:16 AM

Powhida captured all the swagger of an ego-driven art star -- art celebrity at its worst. In my opinion, the installation symbolized how those who consider themselves royalty within their respected art community carry themselves. In that sense, his VIP space served more as an alter -- where Powhida presented himself for the admiration -- at least in his personas head -- of gallery visitors. Needless to say, Powhida did receive jeers from the crowd -- his outward expression of arrogance received an outward response from gallery visitors... proof that artists should really think about how they carry themselves. [...]

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Play Artists Play

by Moshe Mikanovsky on 7/28/2011 10:14:53 AM

"Play is something done for its own sake; it's voluntary; there's an inherent attraction to it; the player experiences a kind of freedom from time and perhaps loses track of his or her own self; it's open to improvisations; and finishing it leaves one wanting to do more". Doesn't that sound familiar? [...]

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Ray Hassard - masterful pastel painter

by Informed Collector on 7/28/2011 8:52:37 AM
Comment on this

Flood of Light by Ray Hassard was awarded 3rd Place in the May 2011 BoldBrush Painting Competition. [...]

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Spotlight On: Jesse Powell

by FineArtViews on 7/27/2011 1:00:26 PM
Comment on this

'Spring Bloom, Point Lobos' by Jesse Powell was selected Best of Show in the June 2011 BoldBrush Painting Competition. [...]

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Josh Elliott - bold and expressive

by Informed Collector on 7/27/2011 10:08:23 AM
Comment on this

'Coyote Call' by Josh Elliott was awarded Best of Show in the May 2011 BoldBrush Painting Competition. [...]

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It's an Illusion

by Jack White on 7/27/2011 7:07:26 AM

People spend $500,000 for a major Thomas Kinkade painting and Dottie Brown (fictional) fights to get $500 for her showstopper piece. What's the real difference? The answer is an illusion. If the buyer had not seen all the hype associated with Kinkade, they might like Dottie's painting better if they were both priced at $500. Illusion plays a big part in art taste as well as pricing. [...]

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Dreams, Sweet Dreams

by Sandy Askey-Adams, PSA on 7/26/2011 2:01:13 PM

I don't think artists are supposed to reach that kind of perfection in which it leaves us empty inside. [...]

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Do I Shoot or Not? Part Two of Which Shows Should I Enter?

by Carolyn Henderson on 7/26/2011 10:03:47 AM

Now that we've established that we are not obligated to enter shows at all, much less a specific one, I'm ready to talk about what I look for when I consider entering, or not entering, a show. [...]

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Expressing Gratitude

by Keith Bond on 7/25/2011 10:32:53 AM

Gratitude often begets more gratitude. [...]

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Jesse Powell - inspired and inspiring plein air paintings

by Informed Collector on 7/25/2011 8:56:45 AM
1 Comment

2 Award Winners for Jesse Powell! 'Spring Bloom, Point Lobos' awarded Best of Show in the June 2011 BoldBrush Painting Competition. 'High Country (The Minarets) Eastern Sierras' selected as a Finalist in the April 2011 RayMar Art's Fine Art Competition. [...]

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The Origins of Original Art: The stepping stone of originality in art

by Brian Sherwin on 7/24/2011 5:59:39 PM

Regardless if you have original art for sale online, enjoy viewing original art online, or seek to buy original art online remember that in reality you are viewing the response of generations of information -- one generation building on to the next and so on. Nothing is truly original -- one can easily question if originality exists. [...]

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Keep on Keepin' On

by Susan Adams on 7/22/2011 9:01:55 AM

One might think that after more than 30 years of painting this question would no longer be part of my private soul-searching. Wrong. I'll admit, it is a less frequent occurrence, but when it happens, it is even MORE discouraging because of the years put in, the time, the past successes. When you are a beginner, you expect some unsuccessful efforts. But at this stage of the game? [...]

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Selected Upcoming Exhibits by Informed Collector Artists

by Informed Collector on 7/22/2011 8:50:17 AM
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Selected Upcoming Exhibits by Informed Collector Artists [...]

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Artist Tribute: Art legends Cy Twombly and Lucian Freud have both passed away this month?

by Brian Sherwin on 7/22/2011 8:08:44 AM

When an artist dies his or her artwork lives on -- but so does the influence that he or she had on other artists. [...]

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Obama Art and Obama Street Art for the 2012 Obama campaign -- Where is it? Will it have impact?

by Brian Sherwin on 7/21/2011 10:53:48 AM

In 2008 the political rhetoric of hope, change, and promises lit a powder keg of support for Obama within the U.S. art community -- artists ranging from college art students to the likes of street artist Shepard Fairey made their support clear. Art for Obama and art for change reigned. I'm not certain that we will see that same level of support from the art community again... and if we do, I wonder if it will be for a different presidential candidate. [...]

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David Grossmann - compelling and meditative landscapes

by Informed Collector on 7/21/2011 8:32:55 AM
Comment on this

'Evening Reaches' by David Grossmann was selected as a Finalist in the April 2011 RayMar Art's Fine Art Competition. [...]

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Tell Me a Story: Proximity

by Luann Udell on 7/21/2011 8:32:06 AM

In short, the world is a pretty big place. But it's still made up of countless communities. These days, our communities are far more than just the people who live near us. Take another look at yours. See if there's a group who'd love to hear more about what you're up to. [...]

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June 2011 BoldBrush Painting Contest Winners!

by FineArtViews on 7/20/2011 1:16:20 PM
Comment on this

Our esteemed judge, Calvin Liang, has completed the judging of the June 2011 BoldBrush painting competition. [...]

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Avoid Saturating Your Market

by Lori Woodward on 7/20/2011 10:54:45 AM

I wish I could give you a formula and bulleted list. I cannot; there are many types of collectors and venues. But here are a few things to think over...But be vigilant and know you will need to think ahead, projecting where your next market will be when your current collectors stop buying. Never rest on current or past successes. [...]

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Fongwei Liu - canvases filled with a life essence

by Informed Collector on 7/20/2011 9:34:03 AM
Comment on this

'Lunch Time' by Fongwei Liu was selected as a Finalist in the April 2011 RayMar Art's Fine Art Competition. [...]

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Should I Enter Art Competitions and Shows?

by Carolyn Henderson on 7/19/2011 11:15:28 AM

Let's start on the right foot by eliminating the word "should" from our vocabulary. [...]

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Xiaolong Zhou - elegant and refined, classical still lifes

by Informed Collector on 7/19/2011 8:48:09 AM
Comment on this

'Vase and Fruit' by Xiaolong Zhou was selected as a Finalist in the April 2011 RayMar Art's Fine Art Competition. [...]

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View Art Online: Art Wanted, Art Found - all from the Comfort of Home

by Brian Sherwin on 7/19/2011 4:14:53 AM

As an art addict I will agree that viewing art in person can't be substituted -- but that does not stop me from discovering art and artists online every morning as I have my second or third round of coffee. [...]

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Online Art Fairs and Online Art Exhibits: Are they a valid addition to the physical art market?

by Brian Sherwin on 7/18/2011 2:16:20 PM

This form of online connection with art buyers will be more important in the future as younger art collectors rise to become major collectors within the global art market. Point blank -- just because some individuals do not view online art fairs, online art exhibits, or selling art online as valid today does not mean that it won't be considered a standard tomorrow. [...]

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Robert Lemler - the beauty of the moment

by Informed Collector on 7/18/2011 9:26:15 AM
Comment on this

2 Award Winners for Robert Lemler in RayMar Art's Fine Art Competition! 'Gondolier' for Best of Show in April 2011 and 'At Rest' as a Finalist in May. [...]

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Social Media Art: Twitter art projects explored -- in more than 140 characters

by Brian Sherwin on 7/16/2011 4:33:18 PM

"What is a Twitter art project?". Point blank -- it is an art project that relies on Twitter in some manner. The typical Twitter art project involves some form of 'audience' participation. It may involve asking people to Tweet an answer to some debatably clever question or merely focus on annoying 'followers' with a flood of juvenile 140 character contained prose. Twitter art projects have also been known to focus on physical spaces and aspects of time 'as it happens' -- a meshing between the 'real' and digital world. In other words, a Twitter art project can be just about anything. [...]

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The Reward

by Paul Bachem on 7/15/2011 9:52:02 AM

You never know really. And I guess that's all part of the thrill. [...]

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Selected Upcoming Exhibits by Informed Collector Artists

by Informed Collector on 7/15/2011 8:26:36 AM
Comment on this

Selected Upcoming Exhibits by Informed Collector Artists [...]

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Pricing Art Online: If you want to sell art you must list prices for your art

by Brian Sherwin on 7/14/2011 12:36:06 PM

If you honestly don't know how to price your art work it might be wise to step back and ask yourself why you are promoting and trying to sell your art in the first place. Honestly, can you imagine if stores were ran in that way? Every item listed without a price -- leaving customers scratching their head. Would you enjoy shopping in that manner? If you want to haggle go to a flea market -- if you want to sell art list the damn prices on your artist website. [...]

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Art and Law: Hidden Treasures

by Moshe Mikanovsky on 7/14/2011 9:15:57 AM

Law firms are a great example of a niche market. They might have many reasons to collect art, starting from pure decorative reasons, through building a prestigious look to their offices, and ending at investing some surpluses in a collection that might be worth millions one day. [...]

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Aaron Coberly - compelling figurative work

by Informed Collector on 7/14/2011 9:03:42 AM
Comment on this

'Tami' by Aaron Coberly was selected as a Finalist in the April 2011 BoldBrush Painting Competition. [...]

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Henrik Uldalen - fundamental dream-state overtures

by Informed Collector on 7/13/2011 9:55:59 AM
Comment on this

No Title by Henrik Uldalen was selected as a Finalist in the April 2011 BoldBrush Painting Competition. [...]

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How to Screw Up Your Art Show

by Jack White on 7/13/2011 9:48:35 AM

After reading this article ,you will never look at art shows the same way. I'm going to transform your thinking. [...]

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Artists Rights Online: Should Artists be Wary of a Social Networking Websites Terms of Service (TOS) Agreement? Part 3

by Brian Sherwin on 7/13/2011 8:44:44 AM
1 Comment

Even if a social networking site had legal grounds to utilize user generated images on physical merchandise I assume they would be facing so many copyright infringement lawsuits that the loss of court expenses would eat up any profit made from selling the merchandise. It would be bad for business-- and bad for their corporate image. Point blank -- I think artists should be more wary of individual copyright infringers -- such as other artists. After all, those individuals could use the images 'under the radar' for profit, so to speak, compared to a website like Facebook. [...]

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Teaching and Learning as Similar Processes

by Ginger Whellock on 7/12/2011 12:19:43 PM
1 Comment

What do they say about learning ?"It takes 17 repetitions, before information sinks in", but I don't always agree 'cause sometimes it never sinks in and sometimes it hits home immediately. So, what makes us learn and just how does this relate to learning to paint as adults? [...]

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Goat Hooves

by Carolyn Henderson on 7/12/2011 9:58:07 AM

Somehow, it's the jobs that we avoid the most that make us feel the best when we complete them. [...]

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Joyce Gabiou - enticing abstract paintings

by Informed Collector on 7/12/2011 8:36:25 AM
Comment on this

'Microburst II' by Joyce Gabiou was selected as a Finalist - Outstanding Abstract in the April 2011 BoldBrush Painting Competition. [...]

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Take Responsibility

by Keith Bond on 7/11/2011 10:06:42 AM

The point is you and only you have responsibility for your business. Take it. And don't blame anyone or anything else. Blame gets you nowhere. If you take action and there still aren't any results, evaluate why. Then get back up and get back to work. Go through the process again. [...]

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