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To Teach or Not To Teach

Some of you teach art workshops or classes. Some of you don’t. And some of you are considering it. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses the benefits of doing art from the heart


When we do the work of our heart, it’s easier to get to the studio! [...]

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Clint Watson discusses why you should aim to be original in your art business

Be the One Everyone Else Compares Themselves To

Be original. Do you better than anyone else. And be the one everyone else compares themselves to. [...]

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S.C. Mummert's discusses 2 important types of edges.

Life on the Edge - Part III

In the world of edges, Halation and Pointing are loosely related, which is why I present them here together. They’re related in that they both use soft, lost or blurred edges to help achieve their effect. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares the best way to grow your business

Mining Old Gold: The BEST Way to Sell More Artwork

The best way to grow your business is from your real most valuable asset: your existing customers. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses the importance of practice, study, and discipline

Practice Your Art

Neither musicians nor athletes perform without a lot of practice. In most cases more time is spent practicing than performing. Yet, many visual artists think that once they reach the professional level, they no longer need practice. [...]

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Luann Udell shares tips on how tiny actions can lead to big accomplishments

EXERCISE FOR SUCCESS Tip #1: Put on Your Gym Shoes!

Micro-steps are TINY actions that can help us overcome BIG mental obstacles. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses the power of branding

Branding is the Only Power Artists Have

Branding, in the sense of being a power, is defined much more narrowly than the way most marketing people use the term. [...]

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Jason Horejs shares the advantages of asking for a photo of sold artwork

Quick Art Marketing Tip: Request a Photo of Artwork Recently Purchased

By the way, it’s never too late to ask for this photo. Getting in touch with past clients to ask for a photo of artwork is not only a great way to get the image, it’s a great excuse to get back in touch with a past buyer and remind them of your work. [...]

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Don't miss Eric Rhoads inspiring column on not giving power to the wrong thoughts

A Tale of Two Mindsets

Today is a good day to have a chat with yourself about what you believe and how you want to change your story. I can tell you that if you repeat your new story enough, your old story will fade. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses the benefits of building up other artists

Good Karma

And I find that there is good karma when you talk up another artist’s work and help collectors decide to purchase it. It usually comes back around in one way or another. It isn’t always right away. But it does come back around. [...]

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Nobody here but us unorganized procrastinators! [...]

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Clint Watson discusses the importance of having prices on your art website

Why You Need Prices on Your Art Website

A gallery website today should allow a customer to begin...and complete the entire transaction with a smartphone, without ever having to call someone at the gallery. [...]

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Jason Horejs shares 3 tips that will help you better follow up with your clients.

3 Tips to Help You Better Follow Up With Art Buyers and Make More Sales

When you consider the lifetime value of a collector who ends up buying multiple pieces from you, the cost of a failure to follow-up is staggering. [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses how to achieve marketing goals

What One Marketing Method Would You Use If You Were Just Getting Started?

Building a website, talking about your art, making e-mail and mailing lists of the names of people who like your work ...these can all be goals for an artist who’s just starting out. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses the importance of how to strive for style naturally

Strive to Not Have a Style

According to him, it is critical to develop a personal style, but it is equally critical that it isn’t forced. Experimentation and exploration of a variety of styles, media, motifs, etc. are important. In the process, a personal style will eventually emerge. Let it emerge, don’t resist it. [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's inspiring words.


It’s the little things that matter, and the story. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses the difference between driving traffic to your website vs building an audience

Driving Traffic is Noise, Building an Audience is Music

You don't sell art by driving traffic. You sell art by building an audience. And in the same way that noise isn't music, driving traffic is not building an audience. [...]

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Jason Horejs discusses how words can make a difference in sales

Selling Art: Words that Make a Difference

While there are those times that exactly the right buyer appears and finds exactly the right art, it is much more frequently a significant amount of effort to close a sale. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares the impact painting in nature can have on you

Nature Calling

Soon your summer will come to an end. Schools are starting, vacations are ending, and time alone with nature often becomes less easy to find. If there is time, give yourself this gift of one spot, breathing the air, smelling the scent of pines, and staring into the rich colors of nature. It will feed your soul. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses how spending time on a regular basis on any task can be much more effective

Weed the Garden

In your art business, there are many weeds that are preventing you from being your most productive. Spending time on a regular basis to keep them in check will do far more than a less frequent weeding blitz. [...]

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Luann Udell shares ideas for finding your tribe.

THE FOUR QUESTIONS #11 : Find Your Peeps!

Ideas for ways to find your tribe. [...]

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Clint Watson shares how professionals deal with criticism and complaints

Professional Pain

Professionals process the pain of criticism and complaints into positive outcomes. [...]

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Don't miss S.C. Mummert's the continuation of "Life on the Edge"

Life On The Edge - Part II

Correspondingly our last article took the virtually limitless array of Edges and compressed them down into just three categories—Hard, Soft & Lost. This time, we’ll try and provide several suggestions of just how we might apply those three basic variations ... the when & the where. [...]

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Jason Horejs shares why you shouldn't discriminate against your acquaintances being art collectors

From a Reader- Creating Art Sales by Promoting your Work to Your Network of Acquaintances

The next time your work is being featured in a show, open studio or some other invent, make sure the people you know are the first to receive invitations! [...]

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Lori Woodward shares the importance of keeping the faith throughout your art career.

Of Fear and Faith

When you're flying high, keep in mind that things can change, and when you're feeling low, keep the faith. [...]

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Luann Udell shares tips & highlights on how to make these "meetings" your own.

THE FOUR QUESTIONS: #10 Make It Your Own!

Take advantage of new options for your meet-ups. [...]

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Clint Watson shares the importance of sharing your art with the world.

Make Your Dent

Your art would be missed if you stopped doing what you're doing. Even if you only have one customer, remember: It makes a difference to that one. [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares the importance of working toward being the best of the best...

You Can Strive to Be the World’s Best

What have you always wanted to learn? What are you doing where you can see yourself working toward being the best of the best? [...]

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Keith Bond shares the importance of investing in yourself as an entrepreneur.

Invest in Yourself

If I want to grow my business and connect with more collectors, it is worth it to me to continue to spend time improving both my art and business/marketing. I am a small business owner. I am an entrepreneur. And I am an artist. [...]

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Luann Udell shares the last question in the series "The Four Questions"

THE FOUR QUESTIONS #9: "What Support Do You Need?"

Go ahead, ask for help. It’s what tribes are for! [...]

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Aaron Westerberg in his studio

Mastery Before Marketing

A rule of thumb for building a successful art business: "Mastery before Marketing." [...]

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Jason Horejs shares the advantages to using email as a way to stay in touch with potential collectors

Why we Don't Hand out Photos or Brochures in the Gallery

Now, instead of handing someone a folder full of bios and photos of artwork, we let an interested client know that we would be happy to email her the information. Emailing the information is better for everyone involved. [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses the importance first impressions make on your art sales

Are First Impressions Killing Your Art Sales?

Every first impression matters. It sets the tone. [...]

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Lori Woodward demonstrates the difference light vs shadows can make when painting tree foliage

Painting Tree Foliage: Light and Shadow

Without light, we just can't see much - no shape, no color. There is less light in the shadow, so we see fewer detail and color in those shadows. [...]

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Luann Udell shares how to use rejection to move forward

THE FOUR QUESTIONS #8: Where Does It Get Hard?

Often our biggest obstacle in our art biz and life is….ourselves! [...]

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Clint Watson shares what NOT to do on your artist website

The Top 12 Things Never to Do on Your Artist Website


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Jason Horejs shares the advantages of advertising on Facebook

An Introduction to Facebook Advertising for Artists

So what tools does Facebook offer that are useful to me as an art advertiser? [...]

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Eric Rhoads shares his thoughts on how to better accomplish your goals

The Last Sunday in July

What is your destination? What is your top priority? [...]

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Lori Woodward shares a painting tool that can guide the viewer to different areas of your painting.

Setting The Stage With A Dark Foreground

This tool, "the door jamb" causes the viewer to gaze around or over the area at the side or bottom of the painting and into lighter elements in the distance. [...]

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