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Art Marketing Ideas and Straight Talk about Selling Art, Marketing, Inspiration & Fine Living




Going Aggressively Passive

by Lori Woodward on 4/7/2015 7:41:46 AM

I repeatedly hear art marketers state artists ought to spend 50% of their time on marketing. I ask, "50% of what time?" Time at the easel, our entire waking time, our life? [...]

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Another Thing I Want For My Life: Calm

by Lori Woodward on 1/1/2014 6:59:25 AM

My first step to living a calmer life is to pare my wants/goals down to a few that are important and ongoing. Which means separating the "shoulds" from my wants, especially for my art career. Some of my shoulds are generated from ego alone, a desire to look good to the masses - especially online. That's a dangerous place to go because I'll never please all the people all the time. [...]

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Put Past Resolutions at the Top Of This Year's List

by Lori Woodward on 12/18/2013 7:49:12 AM

The important thing is that your list, whether in your head, iPad or notepad - represents who you are and what you truly want. These wants are not necessarily "shoulds", but things you've dreamed of doing for a long time. [...]

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Exchanging GOALS for WANTS

by Lori Woodward on 12/4/2013 7:20:38 AM

Pure WANTS are something quite different from GOALS. They are the desires of your heart - they never really "go away" but you think about them all the time, whether you admit it to yourself or not. They are lasting and internal, in essence, a part of who you are. [...]

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The Beautiful Side of Facebook

by Lori Woodward on 11/20/2013 7:42:41 AM

The important thing here is that I work harder in the studio now that I have the opportunity to exhibit my work online by sharing with friends on Facebook. My work is improving because of that fact. Sure, I'm not as good as many of the artists I follow on Facebook, but I'm growing - and I see my friends' expertise and growth, as well. It's all very edifying! [...]

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Embracing The Bigger Vision

by Lori Woodward on 11/6/2013 7:27:29 AM

Although your vision might be very different from mine, I hope that you are not afraid to push yourself beyond your current comfort zone. There's always room for improvement no matter how good you get, and there's always room at the top for "amazing". Don't stress that it's going to take time and effort to play a bigger game. If it were easy, art wouldn't be worth much. [...]

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Of Fear and Faith

by Lori Woodward on 10/23/2013 7:24:21 AM

The things we fear are often generated from imagination, not from reality, and since we have no way to verify how realistic those fears are, ask yourself what's the percentage chance they are likely to come true. [...]

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Painting Tree Foliage: Light and Shadow

by Lori Woodward on 10/9/2013 9:41:38 AM

The main thing to remember, for trees, and every other subject that you depict, is that shadow areas are relatively flat and colorless, while areas in light have volume and a higher saturation of color. Without light, we just can't see much - no shape, no color. There is less light in the shadow, so we see fewer detail and color in those shadows. [...]

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The Advantages of Plein Air Painting

by Lori Woodward on 9/25/2013 7:41:22 AM

The best advantage of painting plein air is that all the senses are engaged. You are essentially making a first-class memory. Sight, smell, sound, and touch are simultaneously involved. Even if you can't touch the landscape, you can feel the breeze (and hopefully not fierce wind or bug bites). You're fully experiencing 3 dimensional life, which also engages human emotion. Your painting becomes a personal response to the subject at hand. Whereas, painting from a photograph is a calculated response with diminished emotion. Sure, I paint plenty of landscapes from photos in the studio, but I can never fully replace the original experience of studying a place I adore in real life. [...]

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Choosing a Lifeboat Over a Sinking Ship

by Lori Woodward on 9/11/2013 7:37:06 AM

So for now, I'm in experimental mode. I'll search for anything that floats in this sea of art sales, and I'll stay on a lifeboat, raft, or log, as long as it carries me. If it starts to sink, I'll start swimming towards something else. This is not a business for the meek or the arrogant, but for the wise and adventurous. [...]

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Avoiding Email Subscription Overwhelm

by Lori Woodward on 8/28/2013 6:45:53 AM

The funny thing is - when I unsubscribe, I feel guilty about it, like I'm no longer supporting people I care about - but wouldn't those bloggers rather me not just hit the delete button every day when I see their email? That gives them a false assumption that I'm getting something from them. I can't help but get distracted by what's on my computer screen because I have no internal filter. I'm visual, and if I see it - it enters my mind and takes up space and energy. Ultimately, I must limit distractions that take me away from my important work... which is making my artwork. [...]

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My Mind's Illusion Creates Confusion

by Lori Woodward on 8/14/2013 7:17:52 AM

Up until now, I've explained the problem, but now I want to look at how to resolve issues that get in the way of productivity. The first step in that process is to teach my brain to stop adding ideas and let my physical self get the work at hand, DONE. That means less time online because I'm so influenced by everyone else's thoughts and ideas. [...]

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Does Limiting Print Editions Create Value?

by Lori Woodward on 7/31/2013 7:23:12 AM

To sum it up. When selling my reproductions, I list it as a giclee print. I don't get into the discussion of the difference between a print and mechanical reproduction because my print buyers don't care about that. People who do care about whether a work of art "might" be an investment buy my original works and even those may never increase in value. [...]

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Passive Income Streams - Giclee Prints

by Lori Woodward on 7/17/2013 7:36:44 AM

The artist who would benefit from having reproductions on hand to sell, has built a following of collectors, either on her or his own or through gallery sales. [...]

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Passive Income Streams for Artists

by Lori Woodward on 7/3/2013 7:26:23 AM

Another plus for passive income sources: I engage a secondary and larger audience for my work because reproductions and downloadable ebooks are inexpensive when compared to one-of-a-kind originals. It won't break anyone's bank account to order these items. It's even possible that having a line of reproductions could lead to higher value for my originals since I won't have to sell them at ridiculously low prices just to keep the money flowing. [...]

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2012 Roundup: Looking back on what FineArtViews accomplished in 2012 Part 1

by Carrie Turner on 1/4/2013 8:45:44 AM

We at FineArtViews (FAV) strive to offer solid insight into the world of art and art marketing -- by introducing readers to viewpoints concerning the state of the art world, and exploring a wide range of art marketing strategies. That dedication was stronger than ever in 2012. [...]

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Art Goal 2013: Designing A Simpler Life

by Lori Woodward on 12/13/2012 7:33:53 AM

You might be thinking... crazy is a strong word. However, when I spend too much time online, I get stupid - I can't remember diddly; I've been forgetful and have missed deadlines. (I never used to miss deadlines)! My brain can only take in so much stimuli before it starts shutting down. I get zoned in on my computer or Ipad screen and my life and responsibilities begin to slide by, while I live in a dream world by viewing what everyone else is doing. In the end, I've got to stop looking at what y'all are doing all day so I can return to my life. [...]

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Update - State of the Art Market 2012

by Lori Woodward on 11/5/2012 7:34:02 AM

Stay vigilant! Try to find out why other artists (in your price range and style) are selling well. Learn what they are doing or what their gallerists are doing to sell their work. I'm seeing pockets of success in sales today! Don't be fooled by thinking that artists who are getting awards and visibility are selling well... in some cases they aren't. In other cases, they are. I do think it comes down to savvy marketing on the artists' and gallerists' parts. More than ever, artists and sales people need to know how to get attention from collectors and close the sale. [...]

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July 2012 BoldBrush Painting Contest Winners!

by FineArtViews on 8/31/2012 7:15:10 AM
Comment on this

Our esteemed judge, Lori Woodward has completed the judging of the July 2012 BoldBrush painting competition. [...]

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Law of Supply and Demand for Artists

by Lori Woodward on 8/9/2012 7:00:40 AM

The Law of Supply and Demand is a time-tested precept for marketing and sales for just about everything that consumers buy and acquire, and yet, this "law" is ignored by the majority of artists and galleries. I believe that it's an important concept to apply to your art sales and marketing efforts, whether you sell someone else's artwork or your own. [...]

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Taking Charge of Your Art Business

by Lori Woodward on 4/11/2012 8:33:10 AM

It's not an option any longer... artists cannot expect someone else or even their galleries to promote their work adequately. No one has the time, money, or desire to promote your work better than you do. [...]

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The State Of The Art Market 2012

by Lori Woodward on 2/29/2012 9:18:36 AM

So essentially... sales beget sales. It all boils down to finding ways to increase the demand for your work. There are dozens, if not hundreds of ways to go about this - and savvy artists will take their individual marketing and painting personalities into consideration when making business plans for the coming year. [...]

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YES, Artists Can Lower Their Prices

by Lori Woodward on 1/18/2012 9:51:10 AM

The Internet has changed the way everything is bought and sold, and we're in the middle of a revolution. No one really knows how it will all turn out, but we artists who are adventure prone and not adverse to risk will pull through. [...]

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Defining Hard, Soft and Lost Edges In Your Paintings

by Lori Woodward on 1/4/2012 9:09:41 AM

One of the easiest ways that artists can make their paintings look professional -- is when they have the knowledge and ability to manipulate and show variety with the edges of their subjects. [...]

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A Year-End Review: A look back at FineArtViews articles from 2011

by FineArtViews on 1/2/2012 2:37:12 AM
1 Comment

Looking back at FineArtViews (FAV) articles from 2011 shows that debate about art is alive and well within the FASO community. [...]

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Marketing Art Is a Do-it-yourself Job, Like it or Not

by Lori Woodward on 12/7/2011 9:45:33 AM

We artists can no longer depend on someone else to do our fishing for us. If we don't know how to effectively market our work, our careers may not survive. It's not rocket science and if you really hate the administrative work and meeting with potential gallery owners and collectors, by all means, hire someone else to do these things for you - but you're still the boss and make the final decisions. An informed and savvy artist is the one who will continue to thrive and get the most "bites" from the fish swimming in their lake. [...]

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Leveraging Your Income With Reproductions

by Lori Woodward on 11/11/2011 8:56:19 AM

It's funny, people know what amateur sounds and looks like with singers and dancers, but no one seems to know what the dividing line between amateur and professional is with visual art. So be it... but the collectors I know are pretty smart about what they collect. No one is going to buy a high priced work just because it's priced high - that work must prove its value in some way. [...]

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Simplify Landscape Painting Using Straight Lines

by Lori Woodward on 9/28/2011 7:33:17 AM

This is part two on using straight lines to block in subjects in the drawing stage of a painting. [...]

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Simplify Drawing Using Straight Lines on Rounded Objects

by Lori Woodward on 9/14/2011 10:17:56 AM

Most everyone uses straight lines when drawing buildings and boxed like shapes, but it almost seems ironic that one should use bone-straight lines to draw figures, rounded fruits, hills, and tree foliage. Here, I'll share some examples of how artists (Daniel Keys and Richard Schmid) use straight lined drawings when blocking in their painting compositions. [...]

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Surprised by Sales

by Lori Woodward on 8/17/2011 8:29:58 AM

Although it's a buyers' market and the money is still flowing, collectors are getting more selective when it comes to parting with their discretionary funds. Each of us needs to find a way to make our work stick in the minds of those who view it. [...]

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1000 Messages and a Thank You

by Carrie Turner on 8/12/2011 10:41:33 AM

A heartfelt tribute to our readers. [...]

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Avoid Saturating Your Market

by Lori Woodward on 7/20/2011 10:54:45 AM

I wish I could give you a formula and bulleted list. I cannot; there are many types of collectors and venues. But here are a few things to think over...But be vigilant and know you will need to think ahead, projecting where your next market will be when your current collectors stop buying. Never rest on current or past successes. [...]

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Buying Trends of Art Collectors

by Lori Woodward on 7/6/2011 9:10:55 AM

So let me leave you with this question: if artists who are working with galleries are not selling much work, and those galleries are not taking on new artists, then why would an artist spend hours building a portfolio to submit to galleries (at this time)? Why not get started selling on your own for far less money and much more profit? Forget the ego thing... being in a top gallery might make you feel good, but it won't necessarily bring you income right now. [...]

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Just Starting Out? Forget The Business Plan - Develop Your Style

by Lori Woodward on 6/15/2011 9:49:12 AM

Even if you are ready to approach galleries, shows and invitational events, you still may not need an elaborate business plan. There are many ways to promote your work on a shoe-string budget. Spending big bucks is hardly necessary to success and there is nothing terribly elaborate or magical about marketing your work. It's mostly just plain common sense. [...]

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Setting The Stage With A Dark Foreground

by Lori Woodward on 6/1/2011 9:11:03 AM

In this blog, I'll demonstrate a compositional concept that Jack Beal taught each summer... what he called, "The Door Jamb". Essentially, it boils down to this: Using a darkened foreground causes the viewer's gaze to step over the foreground and into the middle and far ground. [...]

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Painting in the Midday Sun

by Lori Woodward on 5/25/2011 9:31:25 AM

There's nothing wrong with painting when the sunlight is directly overhead, but noontime light presents a number of difficulties for artists... especially if the sunlight is bright. [...]

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Out of The Box Art Marketing - Selling Friends' Work

by Lori Woodward on 5/18/2011 10:16:52 AM

When times get tough, creative folks come up with new ideas. Innovative ideas seem to spontaneously generate out of bad times. Change can be good, but let's face it - as long as the status quo is working, hardly anyone seeks change. [...]

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Warm Light Makes Cooler Shadows

by Lori Woodward on 5/11/2011 9:24:40 AM

You're probably wondering why in the world I'm making such a simple concept sound so complex... because the color of light is complex. I'll explain why... When light is warm, the shadows are cooler in color - slightly bluer and often grayer. BUT! You can't just paint all the light areas orange and the shadows blue. We still have to take into account the local color of the object [...]

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Painting Colorful Lights and Darks

by Lori Woodward on 4/27/2011 9:31:26 AM

Please don't hesitate to ask me questions. I, by no means, am saying this is the only way to paint. There are many valid approaches to art - some artists are tonalists, others are colorists; some are realists, and others are impressionists or abstract artists, and that's perfectly OK. I am here to present ideas to you - which you may take or leave as you like. [...]

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Why Painting From Life Matters

by Lori Woodward on 4/20/2011 11:07:22 AM

I later build a series of paintings in the comfort of my studio, until I arrive at something I consider my best effort - or masterpiece. Even if it's not a masterpiece in the true sense of the word, I hope that all my effort and observation will culminate into my best painting to date. [...]

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