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Art Marketing Ideas and Straight Talk about Selling Art, Marketing, Inspiration & Fine Living




Marketing Techniques Artists Feel Pressured to Use - Social Media

by Carolyn Henderson on 4/17/2017 10:54:00 AM

When you seek to engage people, do so because they’re people, not because they’re potential contacts who can advance your agenda. [...]

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Marketing Techniques Artists Feel Pressured to Use - Advertising

by Carolyn Henderson on 4/3/2017 10:03:13 AM

All artists who are interested in selling their work want to know how to market. [...]

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Do This Every Single Day, and You’ll Succeed!

by Carolyn Henderson on 3/20/2017 10:21:28 AM

The artist’s work is different from a corporate CEO’s. It only makes sense that his method of doing so will be different as well. [...]

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Flattery Works - But Don’t Let It Work on You

by Carolyn Henderson on 3/6/2017 10:05:49 AM

Caution, in dealing with people we don’t know, is not ill advised, and if you remain polite in the process, you won’t mess up a potential sale or offer in case the person reaching out to you is genuine. [...]

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Déjà Vu - Do I Have a Great Deal Just for You!

by Carolyn Henderson on 2/21/2017 10:31:52 AM

Before you accept a statement as true, ask yourself, "Who told me this?", "Are they trustworthy?", and "Are they simply repeating something they've heard?" [...]

Read this Article

Phantom Companies Making Real Money

by Carolyn Henderson on 2/6/2017 9:53:46 AM

Did I initiate this interaction, or did the person trying to sell me something do it? [...]

Read this Article

We Are No Longer in Third Grade

by Carolyn Henderson on 1/23/2017 9:45:29 AM

Unsolicited contact from a total stranger is always something to be wary of, whether they are offering candy or promising to increase art sales... [...]

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Should I Contact this Artist?

by Carolyn Henderson on 1/9/2017 9:46:13 AM

In this article, I’m going to bullet point some of the questions I ask myself as I determine whether or not I contact an artist. [...]

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Your Artist Statements Say More than You Think They Do.

by Carolyn Henderson on 12/26/2016 11:15:11 AM

As in every aspect of your life, just be real, genuine, true to yourself and uncomplicated, and you won’t come across as an unmitigated ass. [...]

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THIS Does Not Make or Break a Judging Decision (with this One Judge, Anyway)

by Carolyn Henderson on 11/28/2016 10:07:37 AM

Excellent art shines wherever it shows, and excellent framing has the capacity to enhance – but not create – this quality. [...]

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What Does (This One) Judge Look for When He Judges?

by Carolyn Henderson on 11/14/2016 9:52:06 AM

Medium matters. A lot. Not what the medium actually is, but how the artist uses, controls, manipulates, and creates with it. [...]

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Mining the Mind of an Art Show Judge

by Carolyn Henderson on 11/1/2016 9:56:34 AM

For the artists, it’s a terrific opportunity to mine the mind of the judge, getting insight into what at least this one person is looking for. [...]

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The Psychology of Art Shows

by Carolyn Henderson on 10/17/2016 9:42:24 AM

If you’ve ever entered an art show, you know it’s as much about psychology as it is about art. [...]

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What to Do When You Are Assaulted by an Inspirational Story

by Carolyn Henderson on 10/3/2016 1:07:07 PM

It’s because there is good in the world – and artists know this – that we identify the lies that obscure the truth. [...]

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Doubt Isn’t A Sin, You Know

by Carolyn Henderson on 9/19/2016 9:55:41 AM

Your life is unique. Your journey as an artist is your own. [...]

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How Many People Strike It Rich Selling Paintings out of Their Car?

by Carolyn Henderson on 9/9/2016 9:45:47 AM

Don’t believe everything we’re told. [...]

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Will Mr. Darcy Buy Up All Your Paintings?

by Carolyn Henderson on 8/22/2016 10:12:20 AM

In our wildest flights of fancy, it’s really easy to jump high and grab at that ring, but it’s always wise to remember – especially as we are mentally soaring to dizzying heights – that humans can’t fly. [...]

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How Do I Play This Game, with Integrity?

by Carolyn Henderson on 8/8/2016 9:51:01 AM

Selling art, like selling any product, is a process of trial and experimentation, and a lot of people are making money – off of artists and other entrepreneurs – by selling “advice” on technique. [...]

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Learning to Fly Part 5: The Dolphin in the Pool

by Luann Udell on 7/28/2016 9:03:45 AM

There is magic in being a pilot—and in being an artist! [...]

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Am I Doomed to Fail Because I’m Different?

by Carolyn Henderson on 7/26/2016 9:03:20 AM

It is more likely that you are doomed to fail when you follow loudly proclaimed advice that has no meaningful basis of proof that it is true. [...]

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How Come This Stuff Never Works for Me?

by Carolyn Henderson on 7/11/2016 9:27:59 AM

So it is with Personal Branding. In creating a unique personality that stands apart from the crowd, which is the essential concept behind personal branding, you have to be increasingly outre, overt, or outlandish to be noticed... [...]

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Branding Is What Cowboys Do to Cattle

by Carolyn Henderson on 6/27/2016 9:31:34 AM

Branding yourself means to develop a unique professional identity that sets you apart from the crowd, and once you develop this, you promote promote promote promote promote promote it... [...]

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Only I Can Determine If I Am Prostituting Myself

by Carolyn Henderson on 6/13/2016 9:06:54 AM

Determining whether or not we are “prostituting ourselves” -- in our art, or in our lives -- is very much a personal and private conversation, highly dependent upon the yard stick we use to determine our moral choices. We must be careful in allowing others to bring in different systems of measurement and insisting that we use them. [...]

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Variety and Experimentation: It’s What Art, and Life, Are All About

by Carolyn Henderson on 5/30/2016 8:53:51 AM

In retrospect, what you produce from your experimentation may not be a failure of the magnitude you thought it would be, because in the process of going about things a different way, you have made a small step in changing the way you think: when you go back to the medium and style in which you are comfortable, you won’t be doing so as the exact same person. [...]

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Find Your Style and Stick with It! Sigh . . .

by Carolyn Henderson on 5/16/2016 9:28:03 AM

I don’t have to ask you if you’ve ever been told, “Find your style and stick with it! That’s the secret of succeeding as an artist,” because I know that, if you’re an artist, you’ve heard this. [...]

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Myths That Hold Us Back

by Carolyn Henderson on 5/2/2016 8:11:21 AM

The reason it’s important to dispel myths -- not only those we face as artists but in all areas of our lives -- is because we will look for results based upon our belief in the truth of what we’re told. If what we’re told is a myth, then there’s no reason to waste time chasing it, expecting success from an area, or a method, that is not designed to give it. [...]

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My Art Means Something. Period.

by Carolyn Henderson on 4/18/2016 9:29:28 AM

My art means something. Period. So does yours. [...]

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I Want to Be Paid for What I Do!

by Carolyn Henderson on 4/4/2016 8:03:55 AM

And indeed, in order to stay in the fight, standing, you have to get past the myths and the myth makers that imperil you by taking up your time and energy, encouraging you to invest both in paths that lead nowhere. [...]

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Yes or No -- Am I An Artist?

by Carolyn Henderson on 3/21/2016 6:42:07 AM

Interestingly, when we answer this question, we know instinctively that the answer involves money, to wit, we are to respond with the activity that provides us with a regular paycheck. If we are retired, we say, “I’m retired”; if we are unable to work, we reply, “I’m disabled,” as if the many tasks we perform throughout the day are meaningless unless accompanied by remuneration. In other words, we are what we do for pay. [...]

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The Definition of Art, by Me

by Carolyn Henderson on 3/7/2016 6:56:06 AM

Many people -- especially those who make money off their answers -- are ready to voice their opinion, but ultimately, the person who needs to answer these questions, to his or her own satisfaction, is the individual artist. [...]

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Practical Thoughts About Goals

by Carolyn Henderson on 2/22/2016 7:43:57 AM

While it all sounds like an inspirational art plaque, it’s not something we have to write down to remind ourselves to do. Your goals -- the deep ones -- are so intrinsically woven into your character that they are a part of you. Do not let someone else define you. [...]

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Your Dream is so Deep You Don't Have to Write it Down (Or Share It)

by Carolyn Henderson on 2/8/2016 7:43:02 AM

Your true goals -- the ones that simply won’t go away no matter how much others, or you yourself, try to talk yourself out of them -- are ones you don’t need to write down on paper because they are written down on your heart. One way or another, you will reach them -- but because the process of getting there changes you, don’t be surprised that your dreams change as well. [...]

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But Isn't Goal Setting the Harbinger of Success?

by Carolyn Henderson on 1/25/2016 8:05:21 AM

1) I want to sell my work. Yes, that’s insanely simple, and yes, you’ll probably need to build upon it with concrete ideas like, “Try to get a presence in the town next to me,” or, “Check out various magazines and see if there’s a way to get my name there,” or, “Determine what demographic of people I’m trying to reach.” But don’t waste time with whiteboards and charts and statements of intention and resolutions of your commitment to excellence. [...]

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The Mission Statement You Really Don't Need

by Carolyn Henderson on 1/11/2016 8:02:04 AM

Whether we call it a Mission Statement, a Manifesto, a Creed, a Proclamation, a Declaration, or a Statement of Belief, this matter of writing down our beliefs and/or goals has become a mania with us, no doubt because our entire culture is infected with psychological/corporate-speak, influencing us in the way we do and say things. [...]

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You Learn a Lot by Glancing Through Your Junk Pile

by Carolyn Henderson on 12/28/2015 7:52:02 AM

But finally -- don’t be afraid of scams. If you know they exist, and you maintain a healthy, and rudimentary unwillingness to believe everything you are told, then your instinct will continue to be honed, and will kick in more and more when you receive an email or phone call, get a circular in the mail, or even, turn on the evening news. [...]

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Don't Click That Link!

by Carolyn Henderson on 12/14/2015 8:55:45 AM

There’s nothing wrong with being suspicious, and you don’t have to put yourself down if you think you’re too trusting. [...]

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Someone Wants to Buy FIVE of my Paintings!

by Carolyn Henderson on 11/30/2015 8:06:07 AM

If you have a website on which you sell art, and you haven’t received a scam email yet, wait for it. It will happen. [...]

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How to Make an Intelligent Artist Feel Stupid

by Carolyn Henderson on 11/16/2015 7:59:44 AM

Worrying about what other people think is a waste of time and energy, diverting us from learning from our mistakes. [...]

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Frustration Is Your Best Friend

by Carolyn Henderson on 11/2/2015 8:14:50 AM

Are you frustrated because the world is changing too fast, there’s so much to learn, and you can’t keep up -- or worse yet, can’t even jump on the carousel because it makes you dizzy? You’re not alone -- even savvy 15-year-olds can’t grasp it all -- and you’re wiser than a savvy 15-year-old. [...]

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The Frustration of Being Your Own Marketer

by Carolyn Henderson on 10/19/2015 7:40:02 AM

So much of what actually works, over the long term, and without the magical incantation of deception, is really very ordinary. [...]

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