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Lori Woodward's discusses how to build your skill set by narrowing your focus.

For Love and Money

What if I could make just as much, or more money painting the subject matter that truly motivates me? Since it is a given that in order to attract a collector clan, I'll need an easily defined, connected body of work with a unique style, why not make that body of work something that I'll never tire of? [...]

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Clint Watson discusses how to make sure your website is Secure.

Ensure Your Artist Website Doesn't Repel Customers Starting In July

Now is the time to ensure that your artist website serves securely. If you've not yet done so, you're almost out of time. [...]

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Eric Rhoads discusses the value of repeated exposure.

How to Kill an Ad Campaign

Why Getting Sick of Your Ads Will Hurt Your Business [...]

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Lori Woodward shares the value of always being a student...

Adding Value to Your Artwork

Never settle... as soon as you think you've learned everything there is to know about making fine art, your work is in trouble. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses the importance of having an "art group" and how it can help you grow creatively.

THE FOUR QUESTIONS #1 Create Your Artist Support Group

When your peeps have your back, it's easier to move forward. [...]

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Don't miss Clint Watson's final post in his 6 part "What Collectors Want"

What Collectors Want, Part 6: Exclusivity

What art collector doesn't want to feel special and part of an exclusive club? And who's in a better position to offer exclusive access to an artist's work or an artist's time than the artist herself? [...]

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Lori Woodward discusses the importance of Marketing your own Art.

Marketing Art Is a Do-it-Yourself Job, Like it or Not

We artists can no longer depend on someone else to do our "fishing" for us. If we don't know how to effectively market our work, our careers may not survive. [...]

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Don't miss Jason Horejs' discussion on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Showing in a Co-op Gallery

Is Showing your Art in a Co-op Gallery Worthwhile?

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about the advisability of showing your work in a “vanity”gallery... So, is it worthwhile for an artist to show in a co-op gallery? [...]

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Eric Rhoads' discusses the power "branding" can have on your art career.

The Ultimate Power of Branding: Why a da Vinci Sold for $450.3 Million

Never underestimate the power of a well thought-out marketing strategy. It can make an unknown artist known, or take an artist whose work isn’t selling and make it sell. It can get an artist invited to events and get people buzzing. [...]

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Luann Udell discusses the effects money can have on your business decisions.

Too Much Money

Don’t let a lack of big bucks keep you from the small, daily steps we all need to make, to move our art further out into the world. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses the benefits of a Spillover Effect in the next part in "What Collector's Want"

What Collectors Want, Part 5: Spillover Effects

When an art gallery carries the works of a famous artist, it creates a huge spillover effect of attention that benefits all the other artists hanging in the gallery. Ask yourself how you can re-create a similar spillover effect in your own marketing. [...]

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Jason Horejs' shares his thoughts on a "Vanity" Gallery...

Should Artists Show their Art in “Vanity” Galleries?

In a recent interview, I was asked where I saw the art gallery business going in the next ten years. This is a very interesting question... [...]

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Don't miss Luann Udell's last installment in her series "Thin Secret for Success"

THIN SECRET FOR SUCCESS No. 13 Thin people do what works

All you're ultimately left with is the path you've chosen, and the story you tell about it. We can’t choose whether it will bring us fame, or wealth, or self-worth. Only time and history can do that. But we can choose what role it will play in our life. [...]

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Clint Watson discusses the importance of Curation as the next part in "What Collector's Want"

What Collectors Want, Part 4: Curation

How is an art collector supposed to find art to consider? You can't expect a collector to look through thousands of websites. Curation is and has always been the solution. [...]

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Don't miss Eric Rhoads' advice to artists, on the importance of communication.

The Empty Building: What You May Be Missing as an Artist

When someone calls you, they are giving you permission to reach them, even if you have to call more than once. [...]

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Lori Woodward's discusses the importance of mastery before marketing.

Just Starting Out? Forget The Business Plan - Develop Your Style

I discovered that developing an elaborate business plan, while it was fun, was also a waste of my time and energy. Why is that?... [...]

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Luann Udell discusses how "When times change, we can choose to change, too."

THIN SECRET FOR SUCCESS No. 12 Thin people practice early intervention.

When things change, and the old ways aren't working, moaning and complaining about it doesn’t help. It won’t change anything. The only thing you can change is…well, YOU. You can change your outlook, your goals, your process, your path. [...]

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Clint Watson covers three extremely important ways to bring people to your website.

How to Get Traffic to Your Artist Website

People want and need to see artwork in person. Your online activities support your offline activities. [...]

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Keith Bond discusses a sometimes forgotten form of communication.

A Simple, Focused Snail-Mail Campaign

In this age of being digitally over-connected, sometimes something tangible sent via snail mail will really impress. [...]

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THIN SECRET FOR SUCCESS No. 11: Thin People Favor Bulky Foods

Make your efforts work twice as hard for your art biz! [...]

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A Tsunami of Change

It is absolutely true that more art is being sold today, world-wide than in any time in history. I believe that consumers buy more stuff of every sort today than in the past because they can shop from their couch. [...]

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The Politics of Price

In a perfect world, price wouldn’t be an issue and collectors would purchase only works that they loved. But that is not reality. Price does influence the decision with many collectors. [...]

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THIN SECRET FOR SUCCESS No. 10: Don't Skip Breakfast!

Whether we do that with the things we make, the people we meet, or simply by being a happier person, that contribution is significant. [...]

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Narrow Your Focus

By being focused on who you and your collectors are, you will be in the right places. Sure, you will still need to hike and scout and do all the other work. [...]

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Adventures With Instagram: Search Shortcuts

One of the aspects I love most about using Instagram - I can experiment with types of images and quickly take note of how well my work connects to my followers. [...]

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THIN SECRET FOR SUCCESS No. 9 Limit Your Options, Part Deux

It’s okay to do the experiment, to try new options and ideas. But we run the risk of losing our center when we try to chase something that’s not in us, to begin with. [...]

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Don't Use Price as Marketing Strategy

Are your marketing efforts reaching those you are trying to attract? If not, maybe you are using the wrong strategy. [...]

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Adventures With Instagram: Become Hashtag Detectives

With just an hour a day on Instagram, I’m gaining new followers daily, many who are seeing my artwork for the first time. [...]

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THIN SECRET FOR SUCCESS No. 9: "Too. Many. Notes."

When you try to do everything, nothing gets done. [...]

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Ensure Your Artist Website Doesn't Repel Customers Starting In July

Now is the time to ensure that your artist website serves securely. [...]

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Beating "The System"

Engage your mind and find ways to overcome what others have not figured out. Start by believing that you have what it takes, your own unique ideas and perspective, which no one else on earth has. Use it to your advantage. [...]

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Adventures With Instagram: Designing Your Profile Page

Don’t ruin the experience for them by presenting your work as though it is manufactured and sold as a commodity. Present yourself and what you make in an intriguing way. [...]

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THIN SECRET FOR SUCCESS No. 8 and 8 1/2: Thin people watch portion sizes

Take lots of little steps forward, and choose your big ones with care! [...]

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Shipping Your Art

Is your artwork important enough to you to present it in the best light possible? [...]

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What Collectors Want

True art collectors form the backbone of an artist's career. [...]

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Use Instagram With Your Personal Computer

I suspect that in the future, the makers of Instagram will see fit to make the app fully usable from personal computers. [...]

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THIN SECRET FOR SUCCESS No. 7 Thin People Weigh Themselves.

Remember: The work that refreshes your spirit, restores you to yourself so you can do other, perhaps higher-paying work, is just as important as making a living with art. There is no right or wrong way to balance art, income, and life—only what works for you. [...]

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Put The Fire Out

Although I have reached a certain level of proficiency in several of the principles of art, I find myself returning to them over and over. There is always more to learn – more work to be done. [...]

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How Instagram Works

If we artists are to entice and create a new generation of art collectors, we will do best if we meet these folks where they already live (and post). [...]

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THIN SECRET FOR SUCCESS #6: Thin people enjoy their food. *

It's that delicate balance of feeding all sides of your business that creates success. [...]

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