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Erlene Flowers
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I don't have a website with you yet, but I do have a comment about bcc. BCC's don't show on the e-mail sent and because I send a lot of things to people- it helps me to keep track of business communications , not advertisements( e-mails). I really hate filing papers and often dealing with a lot of people in communicating - it is really necessary to have a copy of something that was sent and the date that it was sent. It also helps because in case of a computer crash- I have had two in 7 years - the bcc e-mails are on a web server somewhere, and I can still trace my steps in virtual space. This process saved me several times because I can back track.

I definately agree that it is a poor way to track e-mail blasts. I love your ideas- but I will still use a bcc on communications so that I h ave a copy of what was sent- unless you have a better solution that making a printed copy to physically file.
Erlene Flowers

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