Kristen Thies 's comment on Do artists need galleries anymore?

Kristen Thies
via fineartviews.com
Good Fine art dealers are sometimes hard to come by, that is why we began our own gallery 10 years ago, so I agree with your post. However, here is what I've learned. Most collectors enjoy building relationships with the dealer. They love to be informed of new works and building trust is one of the keys to building a following. Nothing compares to viewing an original painting in person and sharing the excitement of being a part of an Art Opening! Once a great relationship has been established it becomes easier to sell works on line. But most of our collectors still want to see the works on approval before they buy them.
Marketing is an Art as you well know. The artists we represent would rather spend time in their studios. So honesty and developing trust are also key ingredients to building what you term "your tribe." All the best, K

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