Kathryn Clark 's comment on Will Your Galleries Balk at Your Web Site?

Kathryn Clark
via clintwatson.net
I think that both the gallery and the artist should share collector information. Some potential buyers would prefer to buy directly from the artist in her studio with the easel and the paints, others would prefer to be shown paintings in the elegance of the gallery. I think that the gallery and the artist should share all potential buyer contact information with each other. If the buyer comes from the gallery's list but contacts the artist to see a painting which is in the artist's studio (not in the gallery), the gallery should get 50 percent of the commission (25 percent of the selling price)because the artist made the sale. If the customer sees a painting by the artist on the artist's web site which is not at the gallery and asks the artist to send it to the gallery so he can see it, the artist should get 50 percent of the commission or 25 percent of the selling price because the initial contact came from the artist, but the gallery made the sale. The details of this type of arrangement should be in writing in the formal agreement between the gallery and the artist. Both parties should actively be selling the art work. Naturally, the gallery should get 100 percent of the commission for a painting that is in the gallery and for which they make the sale and vice versa.

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