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Brian Sherwin
via faso.com
Luann -- I hear it all of the time... "I don't have time to market my art", or "I don't know how to market my art". In both cases the artist normally goes on to stress how little time he or she has... not enough time to market OR learn to market art.Time becomes an excuse.

But here is the thing -- with a little digging often find out that some of those same artists watch reality shows nightly or spend hours each day playing video games and focusing on other forms of entertainment. If you don't have time -- MAKE time. Use time wisely.

For an artist.. spending time marketing or learning how to market is time well spent.

I know I hit on the TV / entertainment stuff often... I used to be a show addict as well. I know how addicting TV can be. I changed my ways long ago. Today, at most, I spend 5 hours or so in front of the tube each month -- in the form of movies. I don't let the TV take over my life. Unfortunately, a lot of people waste a good portion of their watching the screen. Not me... I'm too busy watching the movie called life. ;p

Use time wisely. No excuses.

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