Sandra Pearce 's comment on Advice on Getting Advice Part 2

Sandra Pearce
via faso.com
Our art is so personal, we are so attached that we...I...often can not see the forest for the trees.

Sometimes another artist will make a simple statement to me about my situation (shows, current "failing" piece, whatever) and it's like a cold smack on the face! I just think "Duh! Of course!"

And other times I smile and thank them, knowing they do not fully realize my situation or what they are suggesting. It's true, when it's right for you, you know in your heart.

I may have heard the same thing several times over the years, but only one time - at the right time for me - it sinks in.

I always research well before spending my hard-earned money - especially on my art career. I always encourage art friends to be wary of big investments and too-good-to-be-true promises.

Thank you for your good insight, please keep it coming.

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