Brian Sherwin 's comment on Advice on Getting Advice Part 2

Brian Sherwin
via faso.com
Luann -- That first story is rough... $10,000! I know artists who have fell for international vanity galleries after an 'expert' advised it... we are talking, in some cases, $3,000 for the exhibit plus additional money for shipping / transportation.

An artist I know from Italy spent $6,000 (after everything was added up) to exhibit in NYC at a vanity gallery. Oddly enough, he had contacted me before signing papers... I warned him -- but the trap was already set. He knew in his 'gut' that it was a vanity gallery... but he just could not accept it. He thought it would be his 'big break'.

Something was broken -- his bank account. None of his work sold. Technically he paid $6,000 just to be able to say that he had an art exhibit in NYC. He set himself back financially all based on the smooth talk from someone working for the vanity gallery... he set himself back for nothing.

Imagine what he could have done with that money. I'm sure he thinks about that all of the time.

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