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Sandy Askey-Adams, PSA
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What a gtreat article. Thank you.

I have to remember back to a couple of years ago, a company that selects artists for their art books had thought of an idea. A novel idea they felt it was.
They called the artists who had been in past (successful and beautiful) books and asked them if they would pay some huge amount to have their work featured in a new and different type of book idea that would be all over the world...etc..etc.. and get them a lot of publicity and get their name and work all over the world, etc....
They offered things like openings, big name art collectors, Big art galleries...whatever..I cannot even remember all, but it was enticing.
It seemed too good to be true. To invest in this book idea would cost each artist thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars if they afreed. Think it was $10,000, for this and then $15,000 for an even better plan of action.

Anyway, some of us artists spoke to one another, discussed it and we took advice from one another....which was a Huge "NO." Some of us even prayed for guidance.

As it stands right now, that company, we believe, has gone bankrupt...and there are over a hundred artists still waiting for the book BEFORE their last great book idea.
But, I think I know why they wanted to do that last great book idea that would cost so much... . . ..to help their company, and not really to help the artists.
They disappointed many artists because they had done many great books for the artists and were very nice to work with. But.

Forgive me for this being so long. But bad advice is bad advice and it is better to know that before something terrible comes from that advice. Sometimes we know what is best... and what is not best...alarms start to go off. And in the above happening, many alarms could be heard from one State to the next, from artist to artist. I donot know if any artist went along with that NEW IDEA..I actually think a few did.
Have no idea what happened. I hope it turned out well for them.

Anyway...A lot of people like to use artists for their own selfishness and profits. Do not know why that is.
I think they think that our heads are foggy from our working with some of the toxic art materials...
Or think that we are unable to take our brains out of our art work long enough to have other thoughts, outlets and visions unrelated to art.

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