Verna D'Alto 's comment on Art Marketing for Artists Who Want to Change the World

Verna D'Alto
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Every time I read one of your articles, I am amazed that this site FASO is the place to come to when you have a question, or question yourself. How many times have I heard "oh art, yes dear, you mean scribbles. It used to bother me years ago, now I just take it into my heart and use it for an image in my work. I don't allow myself to let the negative comments ruin my fierce ambition to paint. In the 60's I became a musician and sang in a band. My family and friends were horrified and I'd think - I have taken a different path. There are many stories that I have written about those time, and not I took the path of an artist. If you look at my web site you will know that FEAR is not in my vocabulary. Fear with destroy your dreams. Hold on to your dreams and become who you want to become. You decide....Verna

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