christi pemberton 's comment on Do artists need galleries anymore?

christi pemberton
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Hello. I have been an art curator for 5 years, and I can tell you.....the artist needs to have more control over his/her own career. Having a gallery is great for face to face, but we don't necessarily need them. Besides the limitless opportunities for artists to build their fan base and network (tribe) and establishing their online galleries; artists can use their online networking to establish friendships with other artists...and actually organize exhibitions in spaces that they can chip in and rent themselves for a period of time. Galleries do have a built in base of loyal visitors, but the playing field is now leveled. Artists first must get an understanding of the tools they need to build their support base online and get in touch with other artists (even local or in-state artists), and start joining up to do their own show/events and establish both an online and offline friendship. the old way of doing business is just another "way"...and the new of doing business in this 21st century is becoming dominate. The artist who is savvy in both creating their art work and doing business in this information and social network-driven world will have a better time.

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