Patricia M. Rios 's comment on Art Marketing for Artists Who Want to Change the World

Patricia M. Rios
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To Seda

To me a blue monster artist is one who, through passion and responsibility has achieved the status of being "elite" in his field. These are the artists who can effect change in their niche. They are not famous or elite because they set out to be such. Their passion and sense of responsibility has placed them at the pinnacle of the art "sphere" or mountain where they can be world changers through the lives they live and the art they do. We, in the arts, cannot change the other "spheres" or mountains of politics, education, family, business, religion and media. But we can change our art "Sphere." What is our behavior towards our galleries, fellow artists, clients, etc.? Where is our integrity? Are we sowing hope and a "Can-do" attitude with our art? Are we bringing beauty to those who find peace in it? Are we encouraging those who have been called to the other "spheres" or mountains to climb to their own pinnacles with integrity and become the blue monsters of politics, education, media, etc.? It would be overwhelming to think that we can change it all. We are called to the arts and perhaps one or two other spheres.

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