Patricia M. Rios 's comment on Art Marketing for Artists Who Want to Change the World

Patricia M. Rios
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Just read Clint's write-up. Sooo in line with what I have been reading. Just attended a conference with Lance Wallnau that had me on the edge of my seat. This man IS on the cutting edge to CHANGE IN AMERICA. He talks about the seven mountains or "spheres" of influence to which all of us have been called to effect change for the better. I, personally, belong to the art sphere and my way of doing business and of painting is going to change radically. I am a world changer! I want to invade the marketplace and I want to do business in a SUPER natural way. What am I talking about? Find out. I am often used as a "networker" and I believe this is what I am doing right now: Lance Wallnau will never know I told you about his website; he is not going to give me a kick-back, or a gold star for telling you about it. I'm simply sharing about strategies that are purple cows and outside zebras. Look it up: www.lancelearning.com

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