Patricia Lappin 's comment on Music Can Boost Creativity

Patricia Lappin
via faso.com
Hi Keith,

Thanks for once again bringing up an interesting subject. I don't play an instrument or sing on key, but I do love music. I sometimes catch myself dancing in the checkout line if a snappy tune comes along. Music makes a happy studio if it doesn't get in the way. Too much dancing, not enough painting.

A few years ago I was getting bored with my own work -- too repetitive --nothing new - quality suffering. I decided to tackle abstract painting using music as the inspiration for each piece. I used this as a way to explore my taste in music and help me discover "Why" I liked it.

I tried it all, Bach's Cello Suites and Mozart's Piano Sonatas were favorites, so was Bonnie Raitt, Kitaro, Peter Cater with Carlos Nakai.

The emotion of the music translated into the paintings and helped me trust my emotional response to my subjects. These abstracts were a wonderful expression and helped me grow.

Bach to you, to :)

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