Brian Sherwin 's comment on Music Can Boost Creativity

Brian Sherwin
via faso.com
Donald -- You said, "Whether that translates into more or better painting is another issue.".

Good point!

Jack -- You said, "Looking at a stack of bills is all I need to get into the grove. When I was painting, I walked to the easel as ready to paint as I ever got during the day. Knowing I had kids in school kept me on the edge.".

The 'under the gun' approach can work wonders for some artists. Some people crack under pressure... others are motivated by it -- and shine the brightest when their back is against the wall.

I'm sure we all know an artist who has bailed on an opportunity due to being overwhelmed by the pressure of a deadline... while others embrace the edge -- and keep pushing until the work is done.

It kinda goes back to that idea of having grit. If you have grit... you'll take the punches and come out on top. If you lack grit... you'll cower from the obstacle before you.

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