Brian Sherwin 's comment on Music Can Boost Creativity

Brian Sherwin
via faso.com
Simply listening to music in the studio can help as well. I've visited dozens of college art departments over the years... and most tend to have classical music playing in the background -- or blues.

There have been several psychological studies that point to how music can impact creativity and critical thinking overall -- with both babies and adults as test subjects. It is fascinating to view charts of increased activity in the brain when music is played. I used to have a book that devoted an entire chapter to that topic -- with digital graphs and charts.

Music has also been proven to help people focus. I've seen that first hand in the past. I once instructed a class for mentally disabled adults... I introduced the class to classical music and it was clear after a month that productivity had increased. We tested it in other classes as well with the same result. It is just fascinating.

When in doubt... listen to some Bach. :)

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