Sandy Askey-Adams, PSA 's comment on Music Can Boost Creativity

Sandy Askey-Adams, PSA
via faso.com
Hello Keith:

I like the idea of playing some kind of music before painting. Have not tried it, but I do not think I could do them both in the same day, or space of time.

I play piano...took piano lessons for about 9 years. I have a Baby Grand in my art gallery room. The piano was a Surprise Christmas gift from my husband about 6 years ago. He had bought me another piano many, many years ago and replaced it with the Baby Grand knowing I had always wanted one. He had the baby grand delivered while we were away. (Of course, we sold the other piano.)

But, I have to admit, after I sit down at the piano, it is hard for me to switch over to working on a painting, although I have played piano at art exhibits I have participated in.

I am in a different frame of mind for each creative outlet. I enjoy also composing my own music at the piano, so my mind is creatively active while at the piano which may be why I do not switch to painting afterwards. I am totally in a different zone as if I have been in a different world. Which is how I feel while painting too.
But, after returning from one trip away, I am ready to rest for a while.

However, I do enjoy listening to music while working on a painting.

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