Susan Holland 's comment on Music Can Boost Creativity

Susan Holland
via faso.com
Music can help, whether it's played by me, or brought in by other means. But I agree that the music has to be a part of where you are. I had a trombonist staying at my house who offered to bring music to our regular painting group's live model day. We had to send him away. Not your best zoning, especially when it was from Parade of the Animals!

One model we had was a dancer...music he brought was part of the model input. Another was a musician who brought music that really made his posing a performance!

We (regular painter's group) always had the rule that if music bothered any person in the group, it was turned off. So was chatter! Unless it was part of a zone that we all were "in."

Do others find that painting sessions are as different as the weather, as far as atmosphere is concerned?

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