Nyla Witmore 's comment on Music Can Boost Creativity

Nyla Witmore
via faso.com
So maybe starting the morning with "sight reading" piano music while the oatmeal cooks in the microwave guarantees that I have to exercise the brain. I do that but now realize there may be advantages for my painting thanks to your blog, Keith.

Also, there are types of music developed by the man who wrote THE MOZART EFFECT. (Author Don Campbell died a few months ago but his music collections on various CDs are available. This man made a life study of the specific workings of the brain and how the brain is stimulated by music...and which types of music do "what" to the brain.

I have made use of his series of CDs for years. The music is grouped in collections...with various topics I.e. "relax and unwind" ," focus and clarity"' "energize", "creativity" "concentration." Etc.

Just google or check on Amazon for THE MOZART EFFECT CDs.

If you get the right music simultaneously juxtaposed for the process you are doing...whether it be blocking in, designing, finishing, it helps to know what music may detract and drain energy and focus while other music will increase creativity. You can develop your own "playlists" that help you move from right brain creation, to left brain planning of a painting...to having times when both sides are taking turns in rapid succession.

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