Jackie 's comment on Making a Mockery of Fair Use and Creative Freedom: Artist Shepard Fairey pleads guilty to criminal contempt over fake evidence

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Susan, I can only echo what Brian said - WOW! I am considering embarking on a similar thing myself...

Last week Andy had a meeting with the publisher of a local magazine. They are interested in using one of his images on the cover in coming months. While he was there, he was given a copy of the current issue and brought it home.

As I turned the pages, I saw an ad for our local area. At the top of the ad were three photographs - all of them taken by Andy.

They have been lifted from the internet.

We have found out from the magazine who paid for and placed the ad. We haven't contacted them yet. (They are the richest, most powerful company in the area - naturally!) We haven't been able to find out which ad agency stole our images.

Andy is a lot nicer than I am. I want to go to war. The internet seems to be my best weapon. Any comments or advice, please?

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